Doughnuts + Coffee Love will take place at 1000 Faces Coffee shop on Sunday, March 31. (Photo/Reynolds Rogers, reynoldsrogers@gmail.com)

1000 Faces Coffee, a sustainably-minded cafe, was established in Athens in 2006. 

Beginning in 2008, the cafe was located on Barber Street, where it remained for almost 10 years. 

“Barber Street was sort of our first brick-and-mortar location, and [it] certainly helped us get off the ground and get started,” said Jan Kozak, the CEO and one of the owners of 1000 Faces Coffee. 

Last year, the cafe moved into downtown. 

“You wouldn’t necessarily just stumble upon it, you had to be looking for it,” Kozak said. “So when the opportunity came to move up here to Thomas Street, it was just simply too good to pass up. So we jumped on it, and the rest is history.”

The whole process of moving from one site to the other took about 30 days.

“It was a big team effort — we didn’t really hire much help in terms of getting everything moved over,” Kozak said. “It was really just everyone coming together and making it happen.”

In November 2017, 1000 Faces reopened, and now it’s celebrating one year at its new location. 

“[The downtown location has] been a huge boom [for] our business, to the visibility of our business, to just introducing the brand and the products to so many new people. It’s been a real dream come true,” Kozak said. 

To celebrate the move to Thomas Street, 1000 Faces had a oneyear anniversary celebration on Nov. 19, where the shop was decorated and offered drink specials.

The Thomas Street location is prime for people who work downtown and for University of Georgia students, some of whom live within walking distance. 

The company places an emphasis on the quality of the coffee they brew. If someone stands inside the cafe, they can look through a window and see the coffee being brewed right next door. 

“We were able to build out a cafe that really is a showcase for who we are as a coffee company,” Kozak said. “So that allows us to brew the coffee in a way that really sees the entire supply chain through to the cup.” 

Charlie Hulett, a barista at 1000 Faces, said many of the employees share similar values with the company when it comes to the coffee it serves.

“Everyone who works here has a passion for coffee, even if they didn’t come from a coffee background,” Hulett said. “We just love what we do.” 

While appreciating how far it’s come, 1000 Faces Coffee wants to move forward and enhance the coffee and service it offers.

“I think it is a constant diving-in process — we are always trying to improve what we do, and then [we also try] to share that with as many people as possible,” Kozak said. “And that, again, is so much easier with this location.”

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