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University of Georgia alum David Ocampo said it was a mystery as to how the photo of he and his now-fiancé ended up on Twitter. (Courtesy/David Ocampo)

In 2013, a Twitter account called UGA Makeouts captured a photo of a couple sharing a kiss on the couch. The couple pictured had no idea they went up on the account until alerted by their peers. Seven years later, the couple found themselves engaged.

University of Georgia alumni David Ocampo and Elizabeth Dixon were set to tie the knot in Roswell on April 24. However, due to the growing health and safety concerns of COVID-19, the couple was forced to postpone their ceremony until 2021.

Ocampo and Dixon’s romance began in May 2013 after the two UGA students met while working at the Georgia Center for Continuing Education and Hotel. After forming a friendship at work, the pair decided to have a night out on the town with some of their other co-workers before everyone would have to part ways for summer vacation.

Although surrounded among their friends, Ocampo and Dixon could only focus on each other throughout that eventful night. After hours of talking, dancing and laughing with one another, the pair discovered they had a connection that was much deeper than just a friendship.

Shortly after committing to one another as boyfriend and girlfriend, Ocampo and Dixon’s romance became publicized in a way much more unconventional than a Facebook relationship status update.

“David found out that [the tweet] had been posted before I did,” Dixon said. “He didn’t tell me about it for a week because he was worried I was going to be mad, but when I found out I thought it was hilarious.”

Ocampo said it was kind of a mystery as to how the photo ended up on Twitter. His roommate at the time, 2013 UGA graduate James Regoord, recalled the photo being taken, but was uncertain of who sent the picture to UGA Makeouts.

“At the time UGA Makeouts was new and exciting, and a lot of people were talking about it,” Regoord said. “From 2009 to 2013, it kind of became a game in the sense that everybody followed [UGA Makeouts] and wanted to figure out who was in the photos posted.”

Though UGA Makeouts has been inactive since March 2018, the account recently reemerged after replying to a tweet from Dixon reacting to her and her fiance’s photo nearly seven years later.

“This guy and I are getting married now. Thanks for saving this memory for us,” Dixon tweeted at UGA Makeouts. The account later replied, “I am loving this journey for you #youre doinggreatsweetie.”

Ocampo and Dixon recently joked about their appearance on UGA Makeouts with many of their friends at their virtual zoom wedding reception. Members of the couple’s wedding party thought that it would be fun to get together virtually to honor the couple on what would have been their wedding day.

The night began with a delicious sushi dinner delivered right to the bride and groom’s doorstep from friends of the wedding party. Then everyone proceeded to get dressed to the nines and hop on zoom for a night of drinking, reminiscing and celebrating the couple’s love story.

“We ended up hanging out on the zoom call until 2 a.m.,” Ocampo said. “At one point we even started playing flip cup.”

The decision to postpone the wedding was very difficult for the couple since they had spent their two-year engagement putting a lot of time and effort toward planning their perfect day. However, the couple decided to push the ceremony back an entire year because they didn’t want their wedding to be any less than what they had originally planned, Dixon said.

“I’m excited to see what we envisioned for our wedding come true,” Ocampo said. “I’m sure next year it’s going to be two times better than it would have been."

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