CCBC_Southern Mill Grand Opening

Creature Comforts Head Brewer David Stein, Brewmaster Adam Beauchamp, and CEO Chris Herron celebrate the grand opening of the brewery's facility at Southern Mill with a ribbon cutting joined by Athens-Clarke County Mayor Nancy Denson, Mayor-elect Kelly Girtz and commissioners.

The local downtown brewery that manufactures popular beers sold across the state of Georgia recently celebrated its fourth birthday. Rather than receiving gifts, Creature Comforts will be giving back to the community through the opening of a new production facility, doubling the amount of Athena and Tropicália beers that Athenians can get their hands on.

The official opening of their second production facility took place on June 11 at the historic Southern Mill complex off North Chase Street. The brewery announced their expansion plans in the beginning of 2017, broke ground in May 2017 and first began production in March 2018.

“We never expected that two years into opening our doors we would have a need to start working on building a new brewery,” said CEO Chris Herron in a press release. “We are excited to have the opportunity to both increase the quality and quantity of our beer, to create jobs and to reinvest right here in Athens.”

As of right now, this new facility will be purposed as a production facility, with future plans for the addition of a tasting room. The quantity of beer coming out of the facility will increase from an average of 40 cans packaged per minute in the Snow Tire facility, to 185 cans per minutes at Southern Mill.

Additionally, at this new brewery, a 340-barrel batch of Tropicália is brewed in just around 16 hours, as opposed to the downtown location which brews a 120-barrel batch in 20 hours.

“The new facility we’ve build here at Southern Mill gives us the ultimate control to precisely make high quality beer exactly the way we want, with better shelf stability and much greater efficiency,” said Brewmaster Adam Beauchamp in a press release. “All in all, we believe the brewery we’ve built will allow us to provide our consumers with a product that they will consistently be happy with.”

In a previous version of this article, The Red & Black omitted a word within a quote by CEO Chris Herron. The Red & Black regrets this error and it has since been fixed.

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