Automatic 2019

The re-designed version of Automatic will be available starting July 16.

While many Athenians may be “over” the Georgia heat, there are a few ways to seek refuge from the weather. Some may take a dip in the lake while others may abuse their air conditioning system. There are many people, however, who use their age to their advantage and crack open a cold one on an especially hot summer day. Creature Comforts is here to help you ease the summer heat with its seasonal re-release of the summertime favorite Automatic brew.

Automatic is a summery pale ale that is available for purchase beginning in mid-summer every year. The pale ale boasts berry, citrus, herbal and pine flavor notes, leading to an earthy yet fruity taste with a slightly bitter finish.

Last year, the can was redesigned by local artist Michelle Fontaine. Fontaine was inspired by 1950s pop culture as well as Creature Comforts’ takeover of an old warehouse in her design and produced a bright, pastel can featuring a pair of flamingos on the side.

The brewery named its own house cat, Automatic — Auto for short, after the beer in 2016. Auto has an instagram account with the username @autothebrewerycat and posts about its adventures with Creature Comforts and in life. The cat has since moved out of the brewery and now lives with his “#1 human, Cole,” according to its Instagram.

Though some may say it is a bit late in the season to be releasing a summer beer, there is no true pattern for this popular release. In 2018 in was released in mid-August and in 2017 it was released on July 8.

Automatic is not the only summer beer Creature Comforts has released, however. The brewing company debuted Heizenbrewg, a limited release IPA, on July 5 as well as a seasonal Cucumber and Lime flavor of Tritonia gose on June 18 and raspberry ale River Ridge Red and red wine-inspired Curious No. 12 on June 15.

Other Athens breweries are taking advantage of the summertime palate as well. Terrapin Beer Company released JAZZ CABBAGE, Manhattan Night Cap and Beerista this summer. Southern Brewing Company released Killer B and Muscadine Reserve and Akademia Brewing Company released Cram-Session and Fighting Without Fighting.

Automatic is being re-released tomorrow, July 16, and will be available for purchase at Creature Comforts at 5 p.m. as well as in local bars and stores shortly thereafter.

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