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Nitzan Ben Eliyahu, Anna Grossman, Lilly Leibu, Rachel Weaver and Stephanie Weis, models, and Lee Setty, president of Dawgs for Israel, will showcase different outfits at the Israeli Fashion Show on Monday, February 19, 2018. (Photo/Jason Born)

On Monday, Feb. 19, Dawgs for Israel at the University of Georgia will be hosting the Walk the Runway: Israeli Fashion Show, which will showcase the culture and history of Israeli fashion.

The show will feature Israeli fashion blogger Liraz Cohen, who runs the blog “Fashionating by Liri.” The show will consist of people modeling clothes that tell the story of Israeli fashion from the time of the Kibbutz to current street fashion.

Nitzan Ben Eliyahu, the Israeli fellow for UGA, knew that Cohen has had lectures on many different college campuses, and has been wanting to bring her to UGA.

“I heard about ‘Fashionating by Liri’ from other Israeli fellows,” Eliyahu said. “As soon as she was recommended to me, I knew I wanted to bring her to campus.”

Cohen was involved on college campuses before creating “Fashionating by Liri,” in 2016.

“She was an Israeli fellow before moving to New York City to pursue fashion design,” Eliyahu said. “She wanted to combine her passion for fashion with her passion for Israel, so she created the Israeli fashion show.”

Cohen is earning her Master’s degree in Global Fashion Management at the Fashion Institute of Technology and traveling to campuses across the U.S., including Duke University, CUNY Brooklyn College and the University of Rhode Island. She has presented her lecture to over 50 organizations in North America.

The show will demonstrate more than just the fashion of Israel — it will also teach the audience about the country’s culture and history. Cohen will discuss the evolution of Israeli fashion from the country’s beginning to present day, as well as the different events that affected the fashion industry.

The event will be student-centered, and 14 UGA students will be modeling at the show.

“The event is a way for students to learn about other aspects of Israel,” Eliyahu said. “It is a good opportunity for fashion students to learn about the Israeli industry.”

Lee Setty, the president of Dawgs for Israel, said that the mission statement for the club states that it is a multi-ideological group that celebrates Israeli culture, provides educational programs, engages in Arab-Jewish dialogue on campus and promotes study/volunteer programs in Israel. Setty said that the fashion falls is part of their mission.

“We celebrate Israel in different ways on campus,” Setty said. “One of our events to celebrate [Israeli culture] this year is a fashion show.”

The show will begin at 7:30 p.m. on Feb. 19 in the Memorial Ballroom. The event will be free, and there will be free food. There will also be a raffle.

“It is a once and a lifetime opportunity to come learn about fashion in a new lens while learning about Israeli history and culture,” Setty said.

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