Many fitness facilities in Athens are providing online, at-home workouts for those who want to maintain exercise routines while social distancing. (Photo/Caroline Barnes)

Out of the five most popular New Year’s resolutions set in 2020, three were fitness- and health-related, according to a survey conducted by international research data group YouGov: exercising more frequently took the top spot, while improving dietary habits and losing weights followed in third and fourth place.

Avoiding crashing-and-burning after the first month of sticking to a health-related goal can be difficult, but avoidable if one develops a solid plan, said Kaeti Shurling, a registered dietician in Athens.

“You shouldn’t rush something you want to last forever,” Shurling said. “You have to do something you want to do forever because that’s what’s going to lead to those lasting changes and it’s what is going to be doable.”

Shurling recommends starting small and “proving it to yourself that you can do it” before taking on a rigid or extreme plan that can be difficult to maintain.

The Red & Black has compiled a list of exercise-related programs and classes around Athens that offer beginner’s sessions in a range of different disciplines, from barre workouts to boxing classes.


Athen’s newest rhythm-based indoor cycling studio offers 45-minute, upbeat cycling experiences that incorporate choreography and hand weights to create a challenging full-body workout. New clients get their first class free.

Pure Barre

Barre classes, which incorporate elements of ballet, pilates, dance, yoga and strength training, became a popular fitness trend in the 2010s. Pure Barre Athens offers four group class formats that provide a range of low-impact, high-intensity movements used to improve toning and flexibility. For first-timers, Pure Barre recommends a 50-minute small-group session, during which an instructor will walk clients through the basic movements of Pure Barre.

Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory Fitness offers 1-hour, full body workout classes that incorporate heart rate-based interval training. The studio has heart-rate monitors for their clients that display real-time, personalized data during workouts. Beginners get their first class free.

Keppner Boxing and Fitness

In need of releasing stress while getting a workout in? Keppner Boxing offers a range of classes that combine high-intensity interval training with non-contact boxing drills, from strength-building bootcamp classes to 30-minute sessions of ab-focused, heavy bag work. Beginners receive their first class free.

Fuel Hot Yoga

Hot yoga involves yoga instruction under hot and humid conditions. Fuel Hot Yoga offers classes suited for yogis of all skill levels and recommends first-time students begin with the Fuel Hot 90/75 class. Fuel offers new members 30 days of unlimited classes for $30.

Tilt Cycling

Tilt Cycling incorporates indoor cycling and cardio equipment with total body stretching to target the stabilization of core muscles. Attendees can choose from classes that target the hamstrings, the gluteal region or upper-body region. First-time customers can receive a three day free pass.

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