Doug Goodin: The man behind the big screen

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Doug Goodin, a junior studying theater and political science at UGA, poses for a portrait in front of Sanford Stadium on Tuesday, Oct. 8, 2019, in Athens, Georgia. Goodin has come to be known as the “dancing guy” on the big screen of Georgia home football games. (Photo/Gabriella Audi,

When the video board at Sanford Stadium isn’t featuring plays made by the football players, fans have a chance to get featured on the big screen. Doug Goodin, a junior political science and theater double major from Americus, Georgia, has been featured on the big screen multiple times at every home game, with the cheers of fans filling Sanford Stadium as he dances it out.

Goodin’s first moment of fame happened after the 2018 game against Georgia Tech. While he was getting food with his parents after the game, a stranger walked up to him asking for a picture.

Now, Goodin will sometimes be late to class due to encountering many of his fans while walking around campus.

“It’s kind of funny, cause I’ll know when people are making the connection, and I get the ‘Oh, are you that guy?’” Goodin said.

When he’s not dancing Between the Hedges on gamedays, you can find Goodin involved in different activities both in and out of the spotlight. 

He will be in UGA Theatre’s production of “Niagara Falls” this year, which plans to open on Oct. 22. Goodin also acts as administrative assistant at Hands In!, a nonprofit organization that produces shows entirely in American Sign Language. Goodin is a member of On The Spot, a student-run improv group at the University of Georgia. 

Combining his ASL skills and theater background, Goodin is also an ASL interpreter for Baptist Collegiate Ministries, and has been involved with the BCM-run Dinner Theatre shows every spring. After performing in previous shows, Goodin will direct this year’s Dinner Theatre production.

“[Goodin] sat down and within five minutes of knowing him, I knew he was a musical theater freak like I was, and we immediately bonded over our love for musicals, singing and dancing,” said Jaci Hawkins, a senior chemistry major who met Goodin through BCM.

It doesn’t end there. Goodin co-hosts the podcast “Some Jerks Who Talk About Movies” with his friends, sharing opinions on movies. He’s an apprentice in the Ballroom Performance Group, his favorites being the East Coast swing or the cha-cha.

“People know him everywhere he goes,” said Rebecca Benson, a junior communication sciences and disorders major who also knows Goodin through BCM.

For Goodin, he can trace his inspiration for the famous jumbotron dance moves to some specific life experiences — his friends at Schley County High School, his former cheerleading coach of a mom and a popular Miley Cyrus’ song.  

“I accredit Miss Cyrus and her wonderful choice of words,” Goodin said about “Party in the U.S.A.,” specifically the lyrics “moving my hips like yeah.” 

Goodin plans to be in attendance for the rest of the home games this season. While he tries to stay for the entire game, he’ll usually stay until fourth quarter to light up Sanford Stadium. Fans can find Goodin sitting near the UGA Paint Line, with all of his other friends from BCM.

“[Doug is] really fun to be around,” said Brandon Reavis, a UGA alum who also met Goodin through BCM. “Whenever Doug walks into a room, you can’t help but smile. He’s just one of those people.”

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