Rachel Barnes, owner of Manila Express food truck, serves customers at the first weekly event Brunch Fair at the Jittery Joe's Roaster in Athens, Georgia on Sunday, April 28, 2019. The event included food trucks like Holy Crepe and Kona Ice, live music from the Randomacts, booths for local businesses, and free orange juice for mimosas to visitors who bring their own champage. (Photo/Caroline Barnes, http://carolinembarnes.wixsite.com/photography)

Some people enjoy staples such as eggs and toast in the mornings, but if mimosas and crepes are more your speed, the Sunday Brunch Fair hosted by Jittery Joe’s and Athens area food trucks might be for you.

The  Sunday brunch event, beginning April 28 and running until Dec. 15, will feature food trucks, vendor stalls and live music.

“It’s something for the community to do on Sunday,” Stephen Price, a manager at the Jittery Joe’s roaster and tasting room said. “I wanted to create something that wasn’t competing with anyone else, but also give another option on the weekend.”

Price said currently, most Athens events such as the Athens Farmers Market, fall on Saturday. Restaurants serving Sunday brunch are often extremely busy, resulting in long waits for customers. Price hopes having several food trucks will make the brunch fair a popular destination for dining.

“That way, we can also help bolster the food truck market in town and just help grow that industry,” Price said.

One food truck in attendance is Holy Crepe, which has already partnered with Jittery Joe’s to offer its crepes in cafes.

“The brunch fair is like the combination of all the learning and mistakes and trials and stuff to get to something that we can really do on a weekly basis,” Saphir Grici, owner of the food truck said.

Although the food trucks are a draw, the brunch fair isn’t meant to be just a food truck event, said Grici 

“It’s just one part of the event that we really want to be larger than just the food trucks,” Gricisaid.

Grici wanted the brunch fair to be a family-friendly event, so it’ll include activities for children, such as chalk and face-painting, as well as live music. He plans to see what works and expand the options in the future, such as by bringing in balloon artists or clowns.

The brunch fair is BYOB — meaning adults can bring their own bottles of champagne, and a stall will offer cups and orange juice for customers to make mimosas.

“We thought, ‘Hey, that’ll be very elegant to wait with your glass of champagne in the food truck line,’” Grici said.

The fair will also feature rotating vendors from the Culinary Kitchen of Athens, an organization comprised of local small businesses, who sell everything from cupcakes to jewelry. Here are some of the vendors and food trucks who will be selling at the brunch fair.

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