Outfits are on display at Dress Up Athens in downtown Athens, Georgia on Thursday, Nov. 14, 2019. (Photo/Jason Born)

It’s officially the time of the year to put your flip-flops and tank tops into storage and make room for your heavyweight jackets and flannels.

If any you’re feeling extra chilly and looking to add some cozy staples to your wardrobe, the local fashion community has been stocking up on all the fall fashion essentials all season long. In fact, many stores started receiving inventory for cooler seasons way back in the month of August.

The transitionary period between summer and fall fashion can sometimes feel awkward and confusing when the weather outside is unpredictable. A solution to this issue is layering. Many stores, including Dress Up Athens, start the school year with lightweight sweaters and scarves which can be paired with your summer apparel.

Store manager of Dress Up Athens, Meghan Frock, recommended pairing a cozy sweater and a miniskirt or a graphic T-shirt and jeans with a soft cardigan.

This season you can find all kinds of combinations of light and heavyweight items that are stylish and still capable of combating the dropping temperatures. Sarah Mitchell, the store manager of American Threads said she’s seen many different materials and prints among her new arrivals this season.

From leather pants to leopard and snakeskin printed boots, it’s no secret that the common theme in fashion lately is to mix up different textures and patterns among your fall staples.

“I had just binge-watched ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ which was done in the ’90s and all of the things that Buffy wears, we are re-wearing right now,” Mitchell said. “I had thought ‘Oh, leather pants won’t come back,’ but they did. I like them, don’t get me wrong, but it was just really surprising.”

Mitchell also mentioned that other trends of the season include satin mini dresses paired with jeans jackets and sneakers, chunky booties and two-piece sets which can be worn as separates.

Mitchell said while summer clothes are normally bursting with color, the transition to the fall season comes with more neutral and muted tones.

The changes might not be as noticeable, but menswear also goes through a transitionary period when the seasons change. With a new season comes new wants and needs. Ryder Chosewood, the founder of Kempt, has noticed his customers looking for more heavyweight items for the fall.

“You usually see a lot more hardy fabrics [during the fall] because outerwear is something that you might buy once every few years rather than recycling it every season like you would with an undershirt or jeans,” Chosewood said.

Chosewood said his customers tend to have a comfort zone they don’t really venture out of and the colors are typically pretty standard.

Corduroy in particular has been in high demand when it comes to outerwear for fall. In addition, Chosewood mentioned many customers have been buying Kempt’s vintage-inspired pieces. He has noticed many styles from the ’90s such as retro prints and oversized items are making a comeback in the fashion community.

Along with some quality staple pieces like a pair of jeans or a solid pullover, Chosewood believes that everyone should have a piece in their wardrobe that is unique to them.

“Having one fun piece that is unique to you, like something that’s printed or vintage, and isn't something that everybody in your friend group has is important,” Chosewood said. “Something that expresses your personality would be a staple that I think everybody needs to have. “

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