Logan Shook, a junior advertising major from Cumming, poses in front of a white door at the Founders Memorial Garden. His outfit includes both thrifted and store-bought pieces

Logan Shook's style has never been about achieving one consistent look — it’s about being inspired by anything and everything and wearing whatever feels right. 

Even though the junior advertising major from Cumming isn’t actively pursuing a fashion degree, clothing still plays an immense role in his life.

“It’s a way that I can really express myself outside of my music,” Shook said. “[Clothing is] something that everyone around you can see when you walk around.”

Transitions through fashion

In elementary school, Shook took a heavy interest in the rock music scene, such as with bands like My Chemical Romance and AFI. His interests inspired his grunge look and also influenced him to adopt a more rebellious attitude toward the “norm.”

“I grew up in a small town where no one really dressed different from anyone else,” Shook said. “I became the scene skater kid who wore tight jeans and dyed his hair black.” 

Since then, Shook has experimented with various different styles. Near the end of middle school, he experimented with the “hippy look,” and in college his style was inspired by ’60s and ’70s music.

“Now anything I see — a color or something vague that someone is wearing — inspires me,” Shook said. “Some days I’ll dress like a cowboy and other days I’ll dress like a snowboarder or something. Right now, I’m really into cowboy boots.”

A mark on the Athens community

Even though Shook spends a majority of his time in Grady classes on a daily basis, he’s made his mark both on and off campus in the fashion industry.

Shook found his own fashion community through The Agency, a University of Georgia student organization that “specialize[s] in bookings, castings and the exposure of local models,” according to the College of Family and Consumer Sciences’ website.

Through his involvement in the organization, he’s learned the basics of how to walk the runway, how to pose and how to find the best angles for photos. He also started modeling for Atomic, a vintage clothing store located on West Clayton Street, at the beginning of 2018.

Besides learning how to model, Shook also makes an effort to actively go to various events and drag shows, such as the Lewk Ball event hosted by Atomic. Lewk Ball is based on “club kid fashion” from the late ’90s, and it’s an opportunity for people to “dress really wild and party,” said Shook.

Exploration into other passions

Shook has always enjoyed expressing himself in various artistic ways. Alongside fashion, music also has a special place in Shook’s heart. His interest in music grew when he first started taking guitar lessons in the second grade, and he instantly fell in love.  

“It really changed my outlook on life,” Shook said. “From pretty early on, I knew I wanted to do something with music.”

“Never be afraid to be weird or to stand out — I don’t let anyone stop me.”  

— Logan Shook 

Guitar lessons quickly fueled his passion for learning other instruments, and by high school, he knew how to play four other instruments — bass, drums, ukulele and piano. He also enjoys singing and songwriting. 

While Shook always grew up interested in the arts, his uncertainty of what path to take in college led him to change his major four times within the Terry College of Business (accounting to finance to economics to business management) until he finally settled for advertising in the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication for its versatility in career paths.

However, his advertising major hasn’t completely eliminated his desire to work in the fashion industry.

“I would pursue it as a career if the opportunity came about, and I would like to be a stylist,” Shook said. “[Fashion] just kind of comes naturally to me.”

The process of shopping

Shook’s favorite places to shop are mostly second-hand stores, such as Atomic, Dynamite Clothing and America’s Thrift Stores. He prefers them because second-hand clothes are cheaper, and generally he can find better pieces in those stores compared to more mainstream shops like Urban Outfitters.

When he can, Shook enjoys shopping in the petite women’s section because of his smaller frame.

“Logan is really experimental [with fashion] and works with his body structure,” said Gabe Shook, a junior public relations major from Alpharetta and cousin to Logan Shook. “Shopping in the women’s section is never a problem for him because he’ll always find a cool blouse or a cool pair of pants, especially since men’s pants are always too boring for him.”

Even though Logan Shook and Gabe Shook lost communication for a couple of years while they were growing up, they were able to rekindle their bond at college, and now they share a mutual love for fashion.

“What we enjoy within fashion is different in terms of what we buy or wear, but we still like talking about the fashion that we see around us, such as what people wear and what the current trends are,” Gabe Shook said.

Over time, Shook has accumulated a large amount of clothing, and last year he lived in a room with two closets. He enjoys having options when creating outfits, especially for events where he wants to be in flashy attire.

“Never be afraid to be weird or to stand out,” Shook said. “I don’t let anyone stop me.”  

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