The menu at Frutta Bowls during their grand opening in Athens, Georgia on Saturday, September 8, 2018. Options include acai bowls, pitaya bowls, smoothies and more, and customers can also track their order on a screen. (Photo/Caroline Barnes)

Nestled below The Mark apartment complex lies the recently-opened Frutta Bowls, which serves an array of fruity meals and beverages while providing customers with an urban, cozy atmosphere.

The restaurant is known for its tropical smoothies — like the Pink Flamingo, which consists of organic pitaya, banana, mango, pineapple, honey and almond milk — as well as açaí bowls like the PB&J bowl, which is made with organic açaí with banana, granola, blueberry and peanut butter. Other menu categories include pitaya bowls, kale bowls and hot oatmeal bowls.

Recently, however, Frutta decided to change it up a little and add some new sweet (and savory) dishes. Under the “toast” category on the menu, one can find seven variations of toasts with a multitude of toppings. Frutta Bowls also added cold brew coffee to its menu.

So I decided to give them a try and see what I thought. 


“The Bravocado”

Bravocado — Frutta Bowls

"The Bravocado" is an avocado toast creation that has several layers including avocado, sun dried tomato pesto and hard-boiled egg slices.

The first toast I tried was named “The Bravocado,” which was an original take on classic avocado toast people know and love. The toast had several layers, each of which served its own one-of-a-kind taste that, all together, was more of a train wreck than a harmony.

The first layer was simply guacamole, which alone on the toast would have tasted fine. However, the next layer was sun dried tomato pesto, which masked the taste of the guacamole, taking the spotlight away from the “avocado” part of “bravocado.”

The top layer consisted of hard-boiled egg slices sprinkled with red pepper flakes. The flakes were a good idea in theory for both flavoring the eggs and providing an aesthetically pleasing look, but all together just didn’t mix well with the other ingredients.


"Berries-N-Cream" — Frutta Bowls

The "Berries-N-Cream" toast at Frutta Bowls features fresh fruit with cream cheese.

The second dish I tried was the “Berries-N-cream” toast. This one I definitely liked more than the last, but it still fell a little short. The toast included cream cheese, kiwi, strawberry, cacao nibs (which is raw, organic chocolate straight from the cocoa bean) and honey.

Overall, the fruity sensation was pretty desirable, with its only fault being the odd combination of cream cheese and honey as the spread. The fruit is fresh, however, and it was a refreshing change of pace from “The Bravocado.”

“Go Bananas”

"Go Bananas" — Frutta Bowls

The "Go Bananas" toast has peanut butter, banana slices, honey and chia seeds.

The third dish I tried was the “Go Bananas” toast. In my opinion, this was the Holy Grail of Frutta’s toasts. The toast, which consisted of peanut butter, banana, honey and chia seeds, delivered a sweet and salty sensation that made my trip to Frutta worthwhile. Despite my hands being smothered in honey, the dish was overall quite delicious.

Cold brew coffee

Frutta Bowls cold crew coffee

Frutta Bowls, known for its smoothies and açaí bowls, now offers savory menu items and cold brew coffee.

The cold brew coffee served at Frutta was unfortunately less than desirable. The coffee, which is the brand Golden Valley Farms Coffee Roasters, had a bland taste and seemed watered down. Since the coffee Frutta serves only has two options — hot or iced — with no flavors, the drink was overall very plain. However, with the right amount of sugar and creamer, I’m sure one can make the drink more tasty.

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