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Malcolm Mitchell, a 2015 University of Georgia graduate and former football player, is the founder of Reading with Malcolm, a youth literacy initiative that helps young students in underserved communities with literacy..(Photo/Taylor Carpenter)

Former Patriots wide receiver and University of Georgia football star, Malcolm Mitchell, will be an executive producer for  “Football Book Club” alongside “Tootsie” duo, Robert Horn and Scott Ellis, and more on Fox.

In the show, professional football wide receiver, Lawrence Lasalle, takes a trip to an Athens, Georgia bookshop after he was sidelined by a career-threatening injury. There he meets Nancy Leverett, a recent suburban widow and joins her book club, according to Deadline.

The comedy show is based on Mitchell’s college career as a star college athlete and a member of a book club consisting of Southern women a generation older than him. Mitchell joined the club after he met Kathy Rackley in the Athens Barnes & Noble. The two were both in front of the bestsellers section of the store. Mitchell noticed Rackley had about three books under her arm, as she was picking one for the Silverleaf Bookclub to read, and he asked Rackley for recommendations. As they began talking, Rackley mentioned she was in a book club which immediately sparked Mitchell’s interest, according to a 2014 Georgia Bulldogs video interview.

Mitchell was interested in a book club at the time because he had recently discovered his passion for reading. When Mitchell started college he could only read “at about a junior high level and it bothered him. So he started putting as much effort into his reading game as his football game,” according to Steve Hartman in a 2017 “On the Road” segment from CBS Evening News.

Mitchell had told Hartman football would never be his proudest accomplishment because “that came natural. That’s a gift. I had to work to read.”

Once he graduated from UGA, Mitchell wanted to share his love of reading with others. In August 2015, he published his book, “The Magician’s Hat,” a children’s book about the magic of reading, according to CBS Evening News. He also started Read With Malcolm, an organization which aims “to inspire kids to read and improve below grade-level reading through book ownership and innovative literacy programs,” according to the organization’s website.

Fox committed to a pilot episode of “Football Book Club,” according to Deadline. No release date has been announced.


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