For many, this is the worst time of year. Something is always wrong. As we battle our post-break hangovers and scrape our way through the last full week of classes, we’re met with a reward of stressful finals and projects. To make matters worse, it’s oppressively cold outside, and everyone is sick.

To counteract the chaos, we at The Red & Black decided to impart our wisdom on how to battle this end-of-semester cold season.

MK Manoylov - Opinion Editor


MK Manoylov

I don't imagine myself getting into med school, but if I implement the rigor and drive to getting over colds into my academic life, I'd be in Harvard Med by now.

I do everything in my power to get better (except take medication, I'm weird about medication). You better believe I'm downing gallons of hot tea with lemon and honey, going for one of my rare jogs outside, practically boiling my face as I inhale steam bent over my kitchen stove, sometimes do acupuncture but terribly and with the wrong kind of needles (what do you mean sewing needles won't work? (that was a joke) (kind of)), and some Bulgarian home-remedies to bid the bad germs out of my body, like eating a bunch of garlicky foods (thankfully I don't have roommates). As for a stress remedy, I'm still figuring that one out.

Darby Jones - Account Executive


Darby Jones, Advertising Staff

My favorite cold or stress remedy is to take a juice shot with ginger and turmeric. Arden’s Garden has a great one called the firecracker! I also like to take a hot bath with epsom salt and lavender to decompress and sweat out the sickness or stress.

Nishka Malik - Brand Ambassador

180919_rmw_randb_headshots_004 copy.jpg

Nishka Malik, Brand Ambassador

My mom sends me a new pack of this herbal tea at the start of every semester - I call it her "magic tea." Every time I'm sick I drink three cups a day (or more because it's yummy!) until I'm better. My friends tell me it's all in my head but I swear it never fails to cures my sickness!

John Durham - Managing Editor


John Durham

Whenever I have a cold, I always do two things. I always find that a long, hot shower can open up your sinuses and make you feel better than before. Then I’ll make sure to go to sleep a bit earlier than normal and take a medicine like NyQuil that will help get your to sleep and treat some of your cold symptoms.

Madeline Laguaite - Assistant Culture Editor


Madeline Laguaite, Assistant Culture Editor

In my freshman year of high school, I got pretty sick and decided not to go to the doctor. Well, there was so much fluid and sinus pressure that my eardrum burst. Even then, I didn’t go to the doctor and I was deaf in my left ear for months. Moral of the story: Go to the doctor.

Janey Murray - Assistant Sports Editor


Janey Murray, Assistant Sports Editor

I love getting chai tea lattes when I’m feeling sick and/or stressed. They’re so good and taste like fall. I also like lighting a candle to make it feel cozier in my room and then hang out and watch Netflix to take a break from school and work.

Maggie Holland - Digital Managing Editor


Maggie Holland

So first off most colds last a week, no matter what you do. So here are a few ways to help ease the discomfort. Also, if it’s the flu you need the antiviral so don’t try waiting it out and go get that Tamiflu!

My biggest tips for surviving a cold:

1. Drink water! It makes a huge difference at decongesting.

2. Get as much sleep as you can afford, while you sleep your body heals best.

3. Try and skip the alcohol. It takes a toll on your immune system and could mix poorly with cold medicine.

4. Keep it simple! Skip the combo medicines like DayQuil and NyQuil. Just get the individuals medicines in them like Tylenol, Sudafed and robitussin, etc! It saves money, is more effective and helps you address your symptoms best.

5. Drink Tea or gargle salt water for your throat. Whether it’s at the beginning of the cold when you have a sore throat or as a result of drainage, this helps ease discomfort.

Erin Schilling- Editor in Chief


Erin Schilling

My mom always told me to take a spoonful of honey, which I'm not super convinced works, but I still do it anyway whenever I have a sore throat. And tea, lots of tea. I usually try not to take much medicine, so I love any home remedies people have to offer.

Sarah Carpenter - Design Editor


Sarah Carpenter

Getting out in the sun (with a warm jacket, of course), drinking lots of water and staying active is the best way to de-stress and keep colds away. But if I do end up getting sick, I usually add extra sleep and frequent hand washing to the list.

Kaley Lefevre - Enterprise Editor


Kaley Lefevre

I'd like to think I don't get super sick but whenever I do feel under the weather I get a hot ginger dragon from Jittery Joe's or make my own ginger or spicy tea. I also try to just eat spicy food which probably doesn't actually help but the wasabi on my sushi makes me cry from heat instead of sickness and allows me to breathe out of my nose, at least for a moment.

Ryley Beaumont - Brand Ambassador

180919_rmw_randb_headshots_006 copy.jpg

Ryley Beaumont, Brand Ambassador

My favorite thing about being sick is having an excuse to rest and watch Netflix. I don’t get sick a lot, but when I do I treat myself to some comfort food, skip the gym, and cuddle up with a blanket and watch Friends or The League.

Morli Amin - Brand Ambassador Assistant

180919_rmw_randb_headshots_002 copy.jpg

Morli Amin, Brand Ambassador

My best stress remedy is hanging out with my roommates! All of us are so busy but when we all come back to our apartment at night it's a nice relaxer and stress reliever to be able to catch up with each other.

Claire Cicero - Culture Editor


Claire Cicero

My favorite cold remedy is spending too dang long in a hot shower. The major reason is the steam helps clear up my sinuses. I also just feel gross inside and out when I'm sick, so taking a nice, long, warm shower helps me feel a little less like a gremlin that constantly carries around tissues and lozenges.

Casey McDonald - Social Media Editor


Casey McDonald

I always have the awesome luck of getting deathly ill right around finals for both fall and spring semester. Here's what you do: pump your body full of any non-prescription drugs you can get your hands on (Tylenol cold and flu is a personal fave), drink a lot of water and then lie in bed all day and wait for death to inevitably claim you. But if it doesn't, you'll probably feel much better within three days or so and then it's back to studying for finals. Woo!

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