The Tate Student Center is pictured on Sunday, September 20, 2020 in Athens, Georgia. (Photo/Nate Hall; hall.w.nate@gmail.com)

While we may not be lounging on the beach with our friends enjoying a spring break this year, there’s an unexpected benefit to the instructional breaks scattered throughout the semester — they provide a day to rest in the middle of a potentially hectic week. Some students will use this time to take a day trip for a hike and some will use it to sleep, but either way, the instructional break should be put to good use.

The Red & Black staff decided to share how they will be spending their first instructional break of the semester – something they’re not fully accustomed to, but willing to make the most of nonetheless.

Sherry Liang - Editor in Chief

staff pick photo Sherry

Sherry Liang

I'm a Tuesday/Thursday schedule type of gal this semester — in other words, this entire semester I think I only have one true day of break. I'll spend the first half of the day penning a letter to UGA admin about how I need more than one day off of class this semester, and the other half of the day catching up on the asynchronous class I keep forgetting about.

Dania Kalaji - Outreach Manager

staff pick photo Dania

Dania Kalaji

I will most likely be relaxing at home and taking time to focus on myself or I plan to hike Yonah Mountain with my friends to catch some fresh air and see some views.

Jacqueline GaNun- Assistant Recruitment Editor

staff pick photo Jacqueline

Jacqueline GaNun

I will be spending the day skiing in North Carolina (masked and distanced from other skiers!)

Julia Walkup - News Editor

staff pick photo Julia

Julia Walkup

I’ll probably be spending my first instructional break just doing homework – a Wednesday break isn’t even really a break.

Taylor Gerlach - Photo Editor

staff pick photo taylor

Taylor Gerlach

I will be spending my time off from school hiking in North Georgia.

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