The UGA Club Dance Team performs during halftime of a game in the UGA Intramural Flag Football Championship in Sanford Stadium in Athens, Georgia, on Monday, Dec. 9, 2019. (Photo/Taylor Gerlach)

Georgia Club Dance Team, a student-run dance group, performs a wide variety of dance styles which range from hip hop to ballet. 

Jenna Swabowicz, the social media coordinator said she didn't know about Georgia Club Dance Team until the second semester of her freshman year. Her friend had shared a message in a group chat, encouraging students to try-out for the team. Swabowicz said joining the team has been one of the best decisions she’s made since being at UGA. .

Tryouts for the team are held once a year in August and most of the team members who audition have some sort of background in dancing.

The range of experience varies per member for example, one of the members this year comes from France and said she enjoyed performing Moulin Rouge-type dances. Swabowicz, who said she didn’t do much ballet or technical dances, said she enjoyed “pushing herself to learn different styles.” 

As a team, the members perform ballet, hip hop, contemporary, jazz and other dance styles, which is dependent on what the members’ past dance experiences are. The club has a few small group pieces coming up, which include a tap dance and a women empowerment heels dance. 

“It's basically a big variety of backgrounds and we try to accommodate and fit everyone's interests to the performances we do,” Sydney Sanchez, president of the club said. 

The team practices every Tuesday and Wednesday evening for about two hours while many and not as frequently as the club’s other UGA counterparts, Swabowicz said. Since the members practice and perform less often compared to other groups, it’s easier to balance academics with dancing. 

“I knew college would be harder academic-wise so I wanted something that was more laid-back,” Sanchez said. 

The team has four to five performances in the fall semester and 10-15 in the spring semester and can be found performing around Athens at philanthropy events, parades and sports competitions. They performed at the flag football championship, Georgia Swarm halftime show, Homecoming Parade, Dance Athens, Sound of Milledge and on Sorority Row.

In the spring, the club has a busier schedule as  there are more philanthropy events. The team will perform on Sorority Row and philanthropy events, as it’s a way to reach a large audience, Sanchez said. Performances are half choreographed by choreographers and half choreographed by the dancers themselves. 

Sanchez and Swabowicz hope to increase their presence on-campus. The team has grown since Sanchez first joined it four years ago, but she hopes it will continue to attract more members. There were 10 members in her freshman year and now there are 16. Sanchez and Swabowicz said the club hopes to collaborate with more organizations in order to reach a large audience and spread awareness of their team.

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