Lil’ Ice Cream Dude, Beau Shell, finally opens his own shop, Cool World Ice Cream Shop, in Athens, Georgia on June 9, 2019. Friends and family braved the weather to support and help celebrate not only the grand opening of the shop, but also Shell’s 15th birthday. (Photo/Daniela Rico)

July is National Ice Cream Month! With the temperature expected to reach 98 degrees in Athens this week, you have a perfect excuse to indulge in one (or all) of the city’s sweet treat destinations.

Four Fat Cows

Located on Baxter Street, Four Fat Cows opened in early 2018. The location — one of four in Georgia — offers classic and unique flavors such as Strawberry Balsamic and Carrot Cake, some of which are made on-site. Four Fat Cows also offers dairy-free ice creams and sorbets, as well as an extensive list of gluten-free flavors. The shop also has coffee to pair with your ice cream, or you can grab one of its many pastries instead.

University of Georgia Creamery

One of Athens’ hidden gems, the UGA Creamery is located in the Environmental Health Science Building on South Campus. Though the ice cream is now provided by Mayfield instead of the university, it’s still worth a stop to check it off the Athens bucket list. The Creamery is part of UGA Dining Services, so if you’re on meal plan you can use Paw Points to pay for your cooling snack. In addition to ice cream, the Creamery sells grab-n-go sandwiches, salads and sushi.

Cool World Ice Cream Shop

Athens’ newest ice cream shop was opened just last month by local celebrity Beau Shell, a fifteen-year-old entrepreneur also known as Lil’ Ice Cream Dude. Shell has been selling ice cream for around 8 years, making it all the way from his parents’ garage to a brick-and-mortar store on the East Side of Athens. Some ice cream flavors sold at Shell’s shop were created by him, and he also sells popsicles, milkshakes and Italian ice. Shell hopes to add lactose and dairy-free ice cream options in the future, as well as more custom flavors.

Alumni Cookie Dough

Located on N. Thomas Street in Downtown Athens, this shop offers ice cream and safe-to-eat cookie dough. Originally named Dawg Dough, Alumni Cookie Dough was opened for business in January by University of Georgia alumni Jennifer and Mike Dollander. Though not ice cream, the cookie dough does come by the scoop and you can get a mix of the two treats in sundae or milkshake form. With vegan and gluten-free options as well as no salmonella risk, there’s nothing stopping you from trying a bowl of dough.

Di’lishi Frozen Yogurt

With only seven stores spread out across the Southeast, Athens is home to Georgia’s only Di’lishi location on the Oconee Connector. Frozen yogurt offers a healthier alternative to ice-cream, and Di’lishi highlights the probiotic benefits of its high-culture yogurt. The franchise also caters to those with dietary restrictions with its sugar-free yogurt and non-dairy sorbet options. Di’lishi offers a range of toppings, and customers can also purchase coffees, smoothies and pet cups for their furry companions.

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