white tiger grilled cheese

The grilled pimento cheese sandwich at White Tiger Gourmet is one of the many sandwiches to try when celebrating National Grilled Cheese Day.  

The grilled cheese, one of the simplest yet most satisfying sandwiches, offers eaters endless ways to customize their meal. Fast and easy to make, this sandwich can be made in the home kitchen as well as in many restaurants.

On April 12, the U.S. will celebrate Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day 2017. Spend that time getting cheesy at these seven choice spots here in Athens.

1. Clocked

This restaurant’s claim to fame is its savory burgers, all made with organic, local ingredients. However, its grilled cheese selection is also top-notch and offers mix-and-match toppings. Diners can go classic or “deluxe” by adding cheddar, tomato, mushroom, Swiss, bacon and even a fried egg.

2. Em’s Kitchen

Located at the Hawthorne Drugs, Em’s Kitchen is small and offers a wide selection of simple sandwiches beloved by the average eater. In addition to a popular pimento cheese sandwich, Em’s also offers the kingly quadruple grilled cheese, decked with a selection of Swiss, American, cheddar and provolone.

3. Heirloom Cafe

Adding zip to a fan-favorite, this restaurant nestled near the historic Boulevard district offers a grilled pimento cheese sandwich—best on wheat bread—with an added layer of onion jam. As a bonus, this friendly, outdoor neighborhood cafe will also top this sandwich with bacon for a few extra bucks.

4. The Grit

This beloved restaurant on Prince Avenue serves up signature vegetarian dishes. Come lunchtime, order the grilled cheese smelt, which is guaranteed to please. Paired with spinach, tomatoes and honey mustard dressing, the menu lists it as “Athens’ biggest and best grilled cheese sandwich.”

5. Catch 22

“Gouda ‘nuff” for a wide audience, this local Gastropub offers one of the most savory grilled cheese sandwiches available in the Classic City. Served on homemade sriracha cheddar bread for some spice, this sandwich has gouda, parmesan and manchego cheese, served with a side of hot tomato soup.

6. White Tiger Gourmet

Billed to have a history “richer than our mac n' cheese,” White Tiger offers up a selection of sandwiches and burgers, and yes, ooey gooey mac and cheese. Also located in the historic Boulevard district, this eatery offers one heavenly grilled cheese in the form of a pimento-stuffed ciabatta bun grilled to perfection.

7. Rook & Pawn

The Rook & Pawn offers two takes on the grilled cheese: one with savory pimento cheese, and the other with a blend of Swiss and cheddar. Both options offer a topping of bacon. Grab a sandwich or two and a side of Phickle’s pickles, then spend the night playing kooky games like a “Lord of the Rings” version of Risk.

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