Scenes from Hendershots Coffee Shop and Bar in downtown Athens, Georgia. (Photo/Olivia McDonald) 

Thanksgiving season may be officially over, but Athens residents can still get a fix for their post-turkey day depression at Hendershot‘s Coffee on Saturday, Nov. 24.

Saturday Night Tukey Fever will be held by the coffee shop-bar as well as local Athens band The Hobohemians, who are scheduled to perform at the event.

The blues, folk and jazz band are regulars at the shop and play “’20s and ’30s toe-tapping goodness designed to release your inner Hobo.”

Member and acoustic stand-up bass player Dick Daniels said the idea behind the band is sort of “Depression-era bums” into bohemian and other more sophisticated types of music such as early jazz, gypsy jazz and American blues.

These three genres make up the band’s sound and greatly influenced its startup. 

“Gypsy jazz is kind of like the sounds of Django Reinhardt, who made guitar a lead instrument instead of a rhythm instrument in jazz,” Daniels said. “Ragtime of the ’20s and early ’30s is also a large influence in our sound.”

The Hobohemians have performed at the event in past years, and while not an annual event, it’s become somewhat a tradition for both the shop and band.

Owner Seth Hendershot said the band has a long history with the shop.

“They’ve been playing music with us since our first location six or seven years ago,” Hendershot said. “They’re a great group of people and they’ve been big supporters of mine in the past and I of theirs.”

Daniels said the band enjoys working the event and hopes to continue in the future.

“It’s a bit of a dead weekend for students who are usually in town because most of them are still at home for Thanksgiving break,” Daniels said. “We get a lot of our more older, local crowd at the event and it’s a little more personal in that way.”

While the city may be a little on the quieter side given the holiday break, Turkey Fever still draws a crowd every year.

“It’s a really fun, uplifting event with a family friendly atmosphere,” Hendershot said. “People love to come and dance — sometimes we get some of the swing dance crowd come out and it’s just a huge party.”

The event will also feature a canned food drive for the Northeast Georgia Food Bank. If attendees are able to provide a can, the cover charge will be reduced from $7 to just $5.

“It’s a great event with great people,” Daniels said. “The music is so fun and upbeat, you just can’t help but dance when you hear it.”

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