Eli Saragoussi is an artist featured in the exhibit, “You Are Here.”

Hotel Indigo seems to live up to its art derived name, playing host to the local creative scene with its newest art exhibit “You Are Here,” on display in its onsite art gallery, The Gallery and Glass Cube at Indigo. The exhibit, which opened in mid-February, features four artists who work with a variety of mediums, all with ties to Athens.

Didi Dunphy is the director and curator of the Gallery and Glass Cube@HotelIndigo Athens installation space at Indigo and spoke on the theme of the “You Are Here” exhibit.

“The general concept is this quirky notion of how we fit into our places, our homes and our domestic environments,” Dunphy said. “Sometimes they’re cohesive relationships and other times they are quirky and odd and sometimes misplaced.”

The exhibit showcases a combination of furnishings and figures in an array of sizes. The Gallery shows three exhibits each year. Dunphy creates the themes for each show through her own ideas or through inspiration artwork seen during visits to the studios of local artists.

One of the artists featured in the “You Are Here” exhibit is Amanda Burk, an Athens-based artist who works mostly as a printmaker, incorporating some mixed-media elements.

“My work tends to focus on inanimate objects from my past that tend to be objects that people kind of share sentimental value with,” Burk said.

Burk created four of the pieces shown in the exhibit, including prints of a rainbow-colored folding lawn chair and a landline wall telephone.

“From the viewer, it's kind of an introspective,” Burk said. “It makes you think or makes you reflect, but I also think that it is a very lighthearted show and is a good escape from daily stress.”

Another one of the show’s featured artists, Eli Saragoussi, also said the show as a whole had a unified playfulness despite showing off multiple art mediums.

“There is still so much cohesion within the color and the playfulness and the fact that we're moving beyond what is classically seen in art shows and I just think that is really exciting,” Saragoussi said.

Saragoussi, who has pursued art most of her life, has worked in a variety of materials including 2D illustrations, textiles and recently embroidered felt.

One of the Saragoussi pieces in the show, entitled “Yeah, Whatever,” is a textile piece featuring an embroidered felt frame containing a colorful creature with humanoid hands and an amulet. The piece makes use of graphic shapes, which Saragoussi likes to highlight to help the image pop off of the felt.

“I just really like creating work that is approachable, that people of all ages and all backgrounds can be drawn to and be excited about,” Saragoussi said.

The Gallery at Indigo exhibits are free and open to all members of the public. Due to the nature of it being in a hotel, the gallery is also visible at any and all times of the day.

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