Ike and Jane Cafe and Bakery's new "I am the smuggler" T-shirt on the counter in Athens, Georgia on Thursday, Sept. 5, 2019. According to urban legend, there is a UGA fan who sneaks an Ike and Jane donut into every UGA football game they attend to snap a picture. The identity of the now-famous "donut smuggler" is unknown to anyone at the bakery. (Photo/Taylor Gerlach)

There’s a new chapter to the story of Ike & Jane’s doughnut smuggling saga

The sweet-tasting tradition has survived another University of Georgia football season, where an anonymous friend of Normaltown’s Ike & Jane will continue to smuggle UGA-themed doughnuts into Sanford Stadium and select away games. 

Ike & Jane is celebrating the tradition’s third season by selling smuggler T-shirts at the bakery and through direct shipment. The T-shirts come in classic Bulldog red and feature an image of a hand holding up a quarter-eaten doughnut in front of Sanford Stadium.

The shirt reads, “I am the smuggler,” with an image of a blimp’s banner reading “Ike & Jane” in the background.

The mysterious figure who looms behind the title of “the smuggler” is still unknown, and has been for the entirety of the three seasons. The smuggler came up to Corie Jacobs, owner and founder of Ike & Jane, with the idea in the fall 2016 season and the store “thought it was kind of funny.”

“After the first game we said we should probably keep doing this, because this is hilarious,” Jacobs said. 

For the most part, the smuggler is the same person, Jacobs said. 

Moira Richards, the store’s 24-year-old manager, also won’t reveal the smuggler’s identity. Richards said the community the smuggler has created is more important than the smuggler’s identity.

“It’s a little bit of laughter,” Richards said. “We love UGA football, and the smuggler’s story is a continuation of the community’s enjoyment.”

To further pique interest in the endeavor, spectators can follow the smuggler’s journey through Ike & Jane’s Instagram. On game days, the store will create an Instagram story documenting the whole day, start to finish.

On those days, the bakery’s Instagram account will get “hundreds of comments” via direct messages, Jacobs said, as opposed to regular days where the store might get 20-30 comments.

The tradition has also inspired some off-season customer challenges. In summer 2019, the store did a challenge to see how far people would take an Ike & Jane doughnuts. Jacobs said they wanted to see whether or not people would take the doughnuts on planes, and to what country someone might take it. The farthest the doughnuts went were to Zambia and Qatar, and those contestants won a dozen doughnuts and a smuggler T-shirt.


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