A red velvet donut, vanilla coconut donut, and a chocolate banana fritter sit on the counter at Ike and Jane Cafe and Bakery in Athens, Georgia on Thursday, Sept. 5, 2019. Ike and Jane's bakers generally arrive before 2 a.m. to start making the day's donuts from scratch. (Photo/Taylor Gerlach)

The doughnut staple in Normaltown will be shutting its doors at the end of November according to an Instagram post made by the shop. 

Ike & Jane, located on Prince Avenue, is known for its sweet treats and just celebrated its 10-year anniversary earlier this year. 

The Instagram post said how much the shop has loved being in the Athens community, especially Normaltown. 

“It’s been really great to grow with the area [around us],” owner Corie Jacobs said in an article in The Red & Black earlier this year. “It’s been really exciting. I enjoy being part of the community and I enjoy the community that we have.”

The shop has also gained notoriety over the past few years with smuggling its doughnuts into Sanford Stadium since the 2016 University of Georgia Bulldogs football season. 

“One game we said, ‘Hey let’s see if we can get a doughnut into the game. It’ll be fun for Instagram but mostly just fun for us,’” Moira Richards, manager of the shop, said in a 2018 article of The Red & Black.

The shop began making T-shirts this past year for the upcoming football season which read “I am the smuggler” with an image of a blimp’s banner reading “Ike & Jane” in the background. The original Sanford Stadium smuggler’s identity has still remained anonymous over the years. 

The announcement of the closure was met with hundreds of comments from disappointed Athens residents underneath the post, describing their sadness about the shop’s impending departure.  

Ike & Jane’s instagram post asked fans of the bakery to share their favorite memories of the shop with the hashtag “#ikeandjaneforever.” The post also stated the shop will have events planned throughout the month to celebrate the shop and help the community say goodbye. 

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