A close-up of the sign of Hendershot's Coffee Bar on Feb. 5, 2019 in Athens, Georgia before the start of a watch party for the State of the Union Address. The event was organized by Fair Fight, an organization championed by Stacey Abrams for its work in advocating for voter rights. (photo/Julian Alexander)

If you’re a music fan coming to Athens from a larger city, you might be surprised to find that most concerts you’ll attend in town are held at smaller venues. The many shows at smaller Athens venues allow fans to get up-close-and-personal with their favorite bands. Here are five smaller venues to check out.

Hendershot’s Coffee Bar

Hendershot’s on Prince Avenue has a cozy atmosphere, complete with bookshelves, small tables, a couch and plenty of counter seating. The venue regularly hosts poetry readings and stand up comedy as well as open mic nights and jam sessions. Enjoy a coffee, tea or beer while taking in live music.

The Foundry

Ever watched a band play in a reclaimed iron factory? If not, The Foundry is your chance to have that experience. Watch bands of different genres, ranging from jazz to Motown, while you enjoy craft beer or food from the adjoining restaurant.

Caledonia Lounge

Nestled in the heart of downtown, Caledonia Lounge’s current location was once home to the 40 Watt. Now, the intimate space is complete with a stage and bar, and hosts both well-known bands and emerging artists. 

Little Kings Shuffle Club

This eclectic bar has two stages — inside and outside — that host mostly alternative and rock performances as well as events such as Slop Fest and AthFest. A disco ball hangs over the dance floor, where concert-goers pack in during the venue’s intense performances.

Flicker Theatre & Bar

Through a curtain on the other side of Flicker’s bar is the Flicker Theatre, a small concert venue. With a couch and chairs on the side and a disco ball hanging above the floor, there is room to sit or stand as bands perform on the cozy stage.

The World Famous

Alerting passersby with an illuminated sign that reads “This Is It,” this venue holds two spaces — a separate bar area connects to the stage area by a double-door-size opening in the wall. If you get a little hungry during a concert, be sure to try The World Famous’ excellent French fries.

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