Peach! and Jacob Mallow: Left to right— Eliza Huffman, Gracie Huffman, Andrew Blooms, Jacob Mallow, Win Cawthorne, and Zach Crook, performed at Caledonia Lounge on Wednesday night. 

While Athens, on any given week, hosts various concerts, house shows or festivals, Caledonia Lounge is known for giving local artists, such as GREG, a stage to showcase their talent. 

With low ceilings, a small stage almost shoved into the back of the room and the unavoidable smell of alcohol. 

This little bar in downtown has actually gained its own special spot on the map. Wed. Oct. 16 the doors to the venue opened around 8 p.m., and soon after, college students and townies alike filed into the lounge  Before long, the hole-in-the-wall venue was packed from the front of the stage all the way to the back door.

The opening band, Peach!, kicked off the night at 9 p.m. with enchanting, harmonious duets by  twin duo Gracie and Eliza Huffman and guitar riffs by Winn Cawthorne. Peach! played original songs, such as “Red Handed” and “Honey, honey” which lulled the crowd to silence with their melancholic melodies. 

Throughout their entire set, the dynamic duo engaged with the crowd by offering jokes and explaining the stories behind the songs they were playing. Many of the concert-goers seemed to be friends of the band and fellow University of Georgia students. 

This marriage of singer-songwriter, folk and indie continued through the night with Jacob Mallow, another UGA student. Mallow, along with Andrew Blooms and Zac Crook on the guitar, captivated the crowd with songs like “If You Haven’t Yet.” This upbeat, dance-in-your-room song raised the energy in the room, and  had many concert-goers singing along. 

Later, he played a heartbreakingly beautiful ballad called “Face Through the Cracks,” which he wrote in Russell Hall. To end his set, he called up Peach! to the stage to perform his newest song “Redwood” which was released on Sept. 27. 

Soon after, GREG, an Athens-based  folk singer-songwriter, took to the stage to debut “Hey, Greg!” The rest of the evening GREG dominated the stage, transporting the crowd completely through his looping his riffs to create a full, dynamic sound for each song. 

His own excitement and anticipation for each song was clear as the energy in the room built with each song. The crowd responded and adapted quickly as GREG proved his diverse abilities as an artist. His magnetic songs led the crowd in uniform swaying and head-bobbing. 


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