Though Feb. 28 officially marks the midterm period of the 2020 academic year, exams are already underway. (Photo/Sophie Yaeger)

Studying for an upcoming midterm can be daunting, but many students at the University of Georgia have their study habits down to a formula. With the availability of online resources like Quizlet, Evernote and digital textbooks, college students now have the opportunity to study wherever and whenever they please.

Even with all of the technology of the 21st century, some students still prefer more traditional methods. William Swenton, a sophomore genetics major from Roswell, finds communication with classmates to be the most useful tool to ace an exam.

“I like showing up to study sessions if [the course] has some because it forces me to be around studying people,” Swenton said.

According to Phi Delta Kappan, a submission-based magazine addressing K-12 education, positive peer behavior, such as getting good grades, can be beneficial upon individuals’ own behavior.

Swenton also claims textbooks tend to hardly help. While it may be worth reading within the first month of class, keeping up can be difficult and often of little benefit, Swenton said.

Some students disagree, but depending upon the class. Some classes warrant a brief, straight-forward studying platform, Alana Holliman, junior pharmaceutical sciences major from Augusta said.

“If it’s a straight memorization exam, like for an anatomy and physiology class, or acids and bases [for biochemistry], I use Quizlet. But not for learning concepts overall,” Holliman said.

Quizlet is an online study application that uses games and other creative tools to help students study content. Creators claim that it is used by approximately two-thirds of all high school students and half of college students in the United States.

When students may not have the time to make their own flashcards, Quizlet can provide pre-made flashcard sets that any students can use.

“I do use Quizlet, but I find some that are already made and I kind of, like, pull from that,” Sydney Grayden, junior biology major from Augusta said.

The Princeton Review published in 2015 that 97% of students use an electronic device outside of class to help them study and do school work, and 79% of students use an electronic device in class to help them study and do work.

Swenton explained that in addition to Quizlet, another online learning platform helps him prepare for an exam.

“I use a Chegg account to review. The textbook is just too dense. Too much information,” Swenton said.

Chegg is an academic company that specializes in online textbook rentals, homework help and providing scholarships. Though the Chegg Tutors Honor Code addresses the controversy whether the platform should be used by college students in completing assignments, it is not in direct disagreement with the UGA Honor Code.

Holliman also explained how creating written study guides works well for STEM classes with more complicated learning concepts.

“I review the lecture slides and I make outlines based on the learning objectives and specifically what the professor says in class,” Holliman said.

Taking good notes in class seems key to keeping up with a more crammed curriculum. Writing down clicker questions and reading back over the slides assures for an A on an exam, said Alex Shehan, a sophomore biochemistry major.

With midterms coming up quickly, it is conclusive that students are getting busy on their laptops, creating Quizlet study sets, flipping through sample questions on Chegg and making their own study outlines based on class lectures. Taking those extra few minutes to make the flashcards and look over the last lecture might just save your grades this midterm season.

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