Remo Drive

Remo Drive, along with performances by Pike Co. and Lunar Vacation, performed at the 40 Watt Club on Monday, Oct. 21.

Originated from Bloomington, Minnesota, the dance punk band Remo Drive made its way down to Athens to perform at the 40 Watt Club on Oct. 21 along with its guests, Lunar Vacation. The band performed in front of an audience of head-banging and excited attendees ready to jump, mosh and crowd-surf to their music.

Prior to Remo Drive’s performance, opening band, Pike Co., woke up the crowd and got attendees on their feet with a small selection of their songs to serve as a sample to their music. The Atlanta-based band performed songs that ranged from classic rock to hippy vibes that the audience jumped and danced to.

After Pike Co.’s performance was a performance by Atlanta natives, Lunar Vacation. The group delivered a performance which  had a chill, calm and indie style which had the audience quickly swaying and moving to the beat. To add to the group’s range, the band also included 40-second jam sessions in their slower songs to keep the energy alive in the crowd.

Grace Repasky, the lead singer and guitarist of Lunar Vacation, sang the group’s lyrics with a soft voice, bringing originality to the performance. It had a slower vibe with rock tones accompanying her mellow vocals.

Repasky welcomed Lunar Vacation’s new bassist onto the stage for the performance and showed her appreciation towards Athens by acknowledging the “legends” written on the wall backstage.

Once Remo Drive walked on stage, it was clear there was a difference in its performance style and genre in this group versus Lunar Vacation

Remo Drive lit a fire in the crowd and had the majority on its feet and jumping around. A mosh pit formed and concert-goers even started throwing their friends up to have them crowd surf. When the crowd surfing fans became too much, the attendees started using a toy skeleton to surf over the audience instead. 

The audience consisted of fans of all ages, but everyone joined together in unity to show their love and support for the punk style and high energy performance. 

It was Remo Drive’s second time performing in Athens, and the concert stayed upbeat and energized the entire time. The band members had seamless transitions between songs so there was no break in between for the audience members to settle down, keeping them excited all throughout the set.

“We’re always going to end up being different every single album. Our tastes change so much,” said Erik Paulson, the band’s vocalist and lead guitarist, on its Facebook page. 

Remo Drive values how original and different its range of style is and that aspect was represented in the performance. Fans were able to see the passion that went into the music whether it was through the high energy jumps on stage or screaming into the microphone.


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