Julie Hutchins and Nick Bradfield, founders of Eden's Cafe, will host a Full Moon Gathering on Saturday Sept. 14 to celebrate creativity in Athens. (Photo/Jason Born)

At a massive monthly jam session, the sound of drums will fill the room as the full harvest moon begins to rise. 

This Saturday, Sept. 14, Eden’s Cafe will host a Full Moon Gathering for the first time featuring an improvisation jam session, a drum circle and visual art. Co-owners of the cafe, Nick Bradfield and Julie Hutchins, have been hosting the event at Bradfield’s Rabbit Hole Studios for two years. By hosting it at Eden’s, the duo hopes to make the event more open to the public. Inspiration for the event came two years ago when Bradfield wanted to make a space to promote creativity in Athens. 

“I saw a need for a community space which provided a synthesis of musical creativity, artistic creativity and obviously the social aspect of just meeting other local artists and just collaborating in a very independent way,” Bradfield said. 

Bradfield himself is a member of the band White Rabbit Collective and said the group is known for hosting jam sessions in which other Athens musicians typically  join in. 

The gathering is the first large event the new restaurant is holding since its soft opening in late July 2019. Besides the music, the owners said there’s an opportunity to paint and create art while snacking on the cafe’s all-vegan treats. 

Hutchins said when deciding on a menu for an event, she creates whatever inspires her that day, oftentimes making finger foods for those who just want to snack. 

“Especially for the Full Moon Gatherings, not everyone is there to eat, some people are just snacking,” Hutchins said. “I try to think of something that would be a good snack, but also very satiating.” 

The gathering itself is free entry but food is available for purchase. Although alcohol won’t be for sale, there will be a BYOB policy in place. Following the ending of the event at 8 p.m., Bradfield said there will be an afterparty at Rabbit Hole Studios on Old Commerce Road for anyone who would like to keep the party going. 

Both Bradfield and Hutchins said holding the event at the cafe will be a better way to connect the art and music communities at a more central location. 

It’s a great place to network and to see our friends,” Hutchins said. “We all have crazy schedules so it’s nice when everyone can get together.” 


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