Moonlight Theater Company is located at 675 Pulaski Street in Athens, Georgia. Moonlight Theater Company will host the Moonlight Play Festival on Thursday, Aug. 29, 2019 and Friday, Aug. 30, 2019. (Photo/Jason Born)

Moonlight Theater Company came to Athens around eight months ago, and since its founding, has relentlessly pursued creating a thriving theater and comedy scene in town. Its latest effort in doing so is putting on the Moonlight Play Festival.

“It will be a nice showcase of the community of Athens and what we can offer,” founder and artistic director of Moonlight Theater Company Chase Brantley said.

For the festival, the theater company called for short play submissions from the community. Five plays were selected, the only requirements being that the plays are under 10 minutes and can be performed on stage.

John Patrick Bray, a local playwright and associate professor in the University of Georgia Department of Theatre and Film Studies, participated due to his enthusiasm for local theater.

Two of Bray’s plays were selected for the festival: “Green Sound” and “Time the Revelator.”

Avery Bufkin, a senior economics and theatre double major at UGA, will also have their plays featured in the festival. They actually submitted a script for consideration at the recommendation of Bray, Burfkin’s former professor.

Bufkin’s play “The Hanson Kids” hasn’t debuted before, so they are looking forward to seeing it performed on stage.

“The plays being selected are serving as a kind of introduction [to local theater], which is wonderful,” Bray said.

Finding cast members was a process of asking around, according to Brantley. Brantley will also be taking the stage as an actor in one of the plays and serving as the director in another.

“I’m also excited as a director to try and create something very beautiful, that you leave and feel very happy to be human,” Brantley said.

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