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A pile of cardboard boxes sit stacked in a room to be moved out on Monday, July 22, 2019, in Athens, Georgia. (Photo/Gabriella Audi,

Whether you’re just switching complexes or are venturing to a new city to start your career, moving out can be a frustrating and exhausting endeavor. The Red & Black has compiled a few tips and tricks that can make the day go by a little easier.

The importance of boxes

Having boxes to pack your stuff in for easy transportation is one of the most essential steps when moving. Don’t want to pay for cardboard you’re only using temporarily? No worries! Stop by a nearby grocery store, bookshop, or, if you aren’t concerned about your neighbors thinking you might have a drinking problem, a liquor store, and ask if they have any shipping boxes you could have. If you’re in a pinch, you can buy large boxes from stores like Walmart or Home Depot for a little under $2 each.

Do what you can ahead of time

There is nothing more stressful than scrambling around on the day of your move-out deadline, randomly throwing various knick-knacks into different boxes. Starting the packing process a few days ahead of time will not only make moving out more peaceful, but will also make unpacking much easier, as you’ll have time to properly label and organize boxes. Plus, you’ll have several other things to do on top of transporting stuff on the day you move, so last-minute packing will be one less thing to worry about.

Pack smarter, not harder

There are ways to pack that will save you time and stress. Consider leaving all your clothes on their hangers, rather than taking them off and folding them up to just reverse the process later with wrinkled clothing. Instead, just wrap them in plastic wrap or trash bags, and secure the top of the hangers together. Another tip is to pack fragile items like ceramic plates and glassware with your towels and linens as a free replacement for wasteful materials like bubble wrap and foam sheets.

Leave out the essentials

Depending on where you’re moving to, there’s likely a few-week gap between when your current lease is up and the next one begins. To avoid messing up your carefully packed boxes and having to repack them before moving into your new home, set aside a suitcase or a box or two with any day-to-day materials you’re going to need. Most importantly, be sure to set aside any keys or gate cards you need to return to the apartment complex you’re leaving. Those will be hard to find floating around at the bottom of a box, and you won’t want to pay the fines associated with keeping them.

Leave it as you found it or better

It’s no secret that many apartment complexes and landlords seem to squeeze every last penny out of you after you decide to vacate the property. A good way to avoid as many extra charges as possible is to make sure everything of yours is out of the apartment, anything broken over your leasing period has been fixed and everything is sparkling clean. Take photos when you’re done, so that you can provide proof that you left the apartment in good shape if any charges are levied against you.

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