Logan Brammer

Logan Brammer, a senior entertainment and media studies major at UGA, released a single titled "November Night" on March 27.

The music business can be a rocky path to get into, but some students at the University of Georgia have found their musical niche.   

Annie Leeth, a junior composition and performance major from Richmond, VA, is a violinist. She has played the violin since she was six years old. In middle school, she decided she wanted to pursue music as a career. In college, she interns as a music producer at Chase Park Transduction in Athens. She released a violin/electronics EP called “Heard” on March 27 as part of one of her required music business projects.

“I started working on it at the end of last semester,” Leeth said. 

Leeth’s EP is on iTunes and Spotify, and Leeth also sent her music to the student-run Athens radio station WUOG 90.5. She explained that her EP is similar to meditation music in that it is mainly instrumental. It has six songs full of violin percussion music. 

“It’s kind of [like an] ambiance,” Leeth said. “It’s a vibe.”

Her EP is definitely a vibe with its whimsical and mysterious sound. It will definitely make the listener feel thoughtful and calm.

Leeth mentioned that her goal in pursuing music is to find a job that she enjoys. 

“My mom has gone in and out of not really liking her job, so it’s been a goal of mine to like whatever I do,” Leeth said.

Leeth is part of a band called The Pink Stones with other students at UGA. Will Anderson, a senior entertainment and media studies major from Atlanta, is one of the other members in the band. Anderson also started his musical career young.

“I guess I just started with the classic piano lessons as a kid, and then I guess I got into writing my own songs in middle school because my friend, William, asked me to be in a band, and I was like, ‘Sure, whatever,’ and started doing that,” Anderson said.

In college, Anderson recorded his EP for his music business class. The EP is called “computerforest” and he goes under the artist name SEPHINE. His genre of music is techno rock, a mix of techno sounds with a hint of keyboard. Anderson’s EP has a fresh, new sound that makes one’s ears perk up in wonder.

“It’s kind of like electronic and maybe a little rock,” Anderson said.

Anderson started finding his musical niche in high school.

“I guess I started writing more songs and kind of started developing my own sense of musical taste – like what I liked to listen to, and it was a way to de-stress in high school,” Anderson said.

Anderson is booked to play at 40 Watt Club in Athens on April 14, and at WUOG 90.5 on April 10.

Logan Brammer, a senior entertainment and media studies major from Atlanta, is another member of The Pink Stones. Brammer released his own single called “November Night.” Similar to Anderson and Leeth, Brammer says he has had an interest for music for most of his life.  

 “I’ve been interested in it for about as long as I can remember. And I started playing the guitar when I was in sixth grade, so it has been about nine years or so now. It has been a long time, and yeah, I sort of picked up some other instruments along the way,” Brammer said.

In the single, he is playing bass, drums, and keyboard. The single is the first set of lyrics that Brammer has finished. Brammer explained the theme of his single. 

“I would say just the generally feeling of nostalgia would be the overarching theme,” Brammer said.

Brammer likes older music, as he grew up listening to oldies in the car with his dad.

“When I was growing up, my dad was always playing Beatles’ records when we would go on trips,” Brammer said.

Both Brammer and Leeth do not come from musically-inclined families, but they still have decided to pursue music since it is something they enjoy. Brammer had advice for students aspiring to make music their career. 

“Make sure you enjoy it, and then just go for it. If it’s fun and you enjoy it, then I think you will naturally pursue it on your own, because that’s what I’ve done,” Brammer said.