Cakewalk Sweets, Coffee, & Gifts offers decor, desserts, coffee and other gifts. Jennifer Mitchell, the owner, moved to Athens, Georgia from Tampa, Florida a year and a half ago. The store opened on January 16, 2018. (Photo/McGee Nall, www.mcgeenall.com)

National Pastry Day is celebrated each year on Dec. 9, and Athens had much to offer this weekend in terms of baked deliciousness. From cinnamon rolls to cupcakes and cookies, the Classic City has it all. Here are six places to pick up a piping hot pastry, and if you’re vegan or gluten-free, not to worry — there are options for everyone.


1. Cinnaholic

This cinnamon roll shop is one of the best in town — and it’s vegan. Totally customizable, these delicious treats can be enjoyed everyday from 10 a.m.–10 p.m. Customers first must pick from 18 frostings before choosing up to three toppings. You can also buy cookie dough if you’re not in the mood for a cinnamon roll. Located on Broad Street downtown, Cinnaholic is the perfect place to pop by for a study break.

2. Cakewalk

Looking for a cup of coffee to go with your treat? Cakewalk is perfect for you. This bake shop offers coffee, cookies, cupcakes and of course, cake. The shop also offers gluten-free, vegan and organic cake mixes. So, no matter what your dietary restrictions, you can still enjoy a sweet treat.

3. Sweetie Pie by Savie

Stop by Sweetie Pie for your favorite sweet treats with an Asian twist. Everything is made from scratch — breakfast pastries are made fresh every morning — and choices include ingredients and spices commonly found in Asia, such as taro or matcha. That being said, Sweetie Pie also has dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan options too. If you’re looking to branch out but don’t want to go too far out of your comfort zone, this bakery is the place for you.

4. Independent Baking Co.

If sweet pastries aren’t your style, then stop by this bakery for some delicious bread you can buy by the loaf. Independent Baking Co. also has a great selection of croissants, danishes and scones. Don’t worry if you want to bring a friend with a sweet tooth — Independent Baking also has cookies.

5. Bee’s Knees

This well-rounded bakery has a variety of desserts. From cakes to petit fours and six flavors of gooey bars, Bee’s Knees seems to live up to its name. If you’re feeling a little more savory, it also offers a Southern classic — cheese straws.

6. Ike & Jane

This bakery offers bread, cupcakes, bars, brownies and more. However, its donuts are probably some of its most popular offerings, with toppings such as Lucky Charms and peanut butter cups. This, along with a cozy vibe, a lunch menu and a selection of coffees, makes this bakery  great for a quick break or a place to cram for your next final. 

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