Students with Learning Ally take a quiz to test their decoding abilities with dyslexia during a visual impairment simulation with Learning Ally at the Athens-Clarke County Library in Athens, Georgia, on Tuesday, March 28, 2017. (Photo/Reann Huber, www.reannhuber.com)

In the clamor of a busy schedule of work and school, many students try to squeeze in other activities. For both students and the community, finding time to volunteer is important. It can be difficult and time-consuming to consider all of the volunteer possibilities at once. However, many nonprofits have advertised their want for help over the remaining summer months and the coming fall. Here are just a few to consider dedicating your time to.

1. Project Safe Inc

Project Safe seeks to end domestic violence through education and prevention. This nonprofit offers both volunteer and internship positions. Due to the sensitive matter of domestic violence, many of the positions do require training and a more intense application process. Volunteers are needed for the thrift store, child care, furniture movers, community awareness and more.

2. Gentiva Hospice

Gentiva Hospice has a few locations, one of which is located in Athens. The Athens location needs volunteers to help carry out the day-to-day tasks of the nonprofit. Volunteers may read with patients and share hobbies. Some volunteers may also provide specialized services in a given skill such as accounting or music. The organization also needs help with normal office tasks, such as filing or answering phone calls. There is an online form designed to help you find the right volunteer fit at Gentiva Hospice.

3. Learning Ally

Learning Ally works to create educational materials and programs to aid students who are blind, visually-impaired or dyslexic. The main need for volunteers is in the creation of audio books. The recording studio for Learning Ally is located on Hull Street near the University of Georgia. An online application is all it takes to begin volunteering and creating audio books.

4. PALS Institute

PALS stands for Partnering Ambassadors for Life and Service. The organization is sponsored by Women to the World and offers GED certification, job placement and skill training to women in order to prepare them for the workforce. PALS is currently seeking mentors to help with these programs. Mentors offer their time and knowledge to help teach skills and tutor in various subjects. The volunteer contact form can be found on the PALS website.


Athens Institute for Contemporary Art promotes contemporary art through exhibitions and local community events. Many volunteers have a background or interest in art, although this is not required. One of the perks of volunteering at ATHICA is that there is a reward system in place for every 25 hours you volunteer. Volunteers can distribute flyers, set up and deconstruct events, help assist special events and do gallery sitting. There is a google form on the ATHICA website to apply for a volunteer position.

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