The outside of Terrapin Brewing Co., in Athens, Georgia. (Photo/Reynolds Rogers)

National Drink Beer Day is Sept. 28 and luckily for Athens locals, there are many local breweries to choose from. Some may be thinking this is the perfect opportunity to make a day out of it — to gather a couple friends and grab a beer downtown, just as happy hour hits. Here are some of the best brews in Athens to try this National Drink Beer Day.

1. Athena — Creature Comforts

Athena is an Athens favorite and it’s a classic brew everyone can enjoy. It’s a light wheat beer with notes of citrus, cider and sauvignon blanc. Creature Comforts, a local brewery founded in 2014, is located on 271 West Hancock Ave. and has a rustic atmosphere, with high rafters and lots of wood.

According to Julia Penning, the shift manager and one of the bartenders at Creature Comforts, Athena is the most popular beer.

“Everyone loves Athena,” said Penning. “Even though we can get it from a grocery store, people still come in here to get it.”

Athena, like many other Creature brews, is available at many grocery and liquor stores in outside of Athens, but remains a favorite among the local community.

2. The Dom — Akademia Brewing Company

One of the most popular brews at Akademia, if not the most popular, is The Dom, a light beer with notes of berry. Described as a “German kölsch-style ale,” head brewer Morgan Wireman cited his travels to Germany as somewhat of an inspiration for The Dom, according to Akademia’s website. But what’s most distinguishing about this brewery is the many portion options: Customers can order a pint, a half-pint, or a flight.

3. Wake-n-Bake — Terrapin Beer Company

Located on 265 Newton Bridge Road, Terrapin Beer Company is a world-famous company that won the Best Beer Award in 2018 for their Wake-n-Bake brew. Terrapin Beer Co. offers Terrapin merchandise in addition to a wide selection of beer.

4. Up-Hi  — Terrapin Beer Company

Another satisfying brew from Terrapin also happens to be one of the most popular beers — the Up-Hi IPA.

“The majority of people who come in here don’t like IPA because the hop taste is really strong,” said John Cochran, one of the founders of Terrapin. “But this one’s popular because the orange citrus flavor dilutes the ‘hopiness’ of this beer, unlike a regular IPA.”

Whether you like IPA or you prefer a lighter beer, Terrapin has many options to choose from.

5. Southeaster Berliner — The Southern Brewing Company

This Berliner Weisse is slightly sour, pale and offered year-round, as opposed to The Southern Brewing Company's seasonal brews. Located on 231 Collins Industrial Blvd., SBC provides a spacious lawn and fireplace to enjoy the eagerly-awaited fall weather. 

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