Two friends smile at each other at the Indian Cultural Exchange’s Holi celebration on April 4, 2019, at Myer’s Quad in Athens, Georgia. One way to stay mentally and emotionally healthy during the semester is to spend time with friends. (Photo/Julian Alexander)

Take control of stress 

If you feel overwhelmed, try to change the way you think about stress. Researchers found that people who thrive under stress view it as a positive opportunity for growth and a learning opportunity. The next time you feel the impending anxiety of an approaching deadline, try to think of the sensation as a boost in brainpower, not a depletion. Also, check out the#BeWellUGA campaign at the University Health Center. The initiative offers free wellness and prevention classes on campus, and covers topics from stress and anxiety to running and yoga.

Spend time with people who you make you feel good

If you have a heavy course load this semester, invite friends and loved ones for coffee dates or library study sessions. If you have to run to the grocery store on a busy day, invite a friend along for the ride. Try to talk to at least one new person per week. The mundanity of  every day is much less oppressive with a new (or old) friend by your side.


It’s the oldest (and most important) trick in the book. Getting through a day of classes is a lot more difficult without a good night’s rest under your belt. Try to get into a routine of going to sleep at a certain time to ensure you get the recommended seven or more hours of sleep per night. Read a book, avoid computer and phone screens and quit pulling those weekly all-nighters. 

Establish rituals

Establish morning and evening rituals to help you start and end your day with small wins: Take a multivitamin read the news or call your mom. Rituals allow you to cross off the small things from your to-do list and make the rest of the day seem more manageable.

Incorporate movement into your day 

If you find most of your day is spent sitting at a table at the Miller Learning Center or staring at your laptop screen, try to switch it up. Engage your body in some type of movement every day. A  5- to ten-minute stretching series in the morning will give your body (and mind) the boost it needs to take on the day. 


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