The Athens location of burger chain Burgerim quietly shut its doors in October 2019. 

French fries have been a staple in American culture since the early 1900s. If you’re new to Athens or just looking for some delicious French fried potatoes, you’re in luck.

Here are five restaurants in Athens that all have worthy fries  to satisfy your cravings .

1. Trappeze Pub

This restaurant on North Hull Street has been open since 2007. Described as “Athens’ best fries” on the menu, Trappeze offers Belgian fries as a side for burgers, sandwiches and most entrees. The Belgian fries are also on the menu as an appetizer, along with sweet potato fries and Trappeze’s mouth-watering rosemary and garlic fries. All fries also come with a choice of dips: raspberry ketchup, roasted garlic aioli and blue cheese sauce.

2. The Grill

Because The Grill is open 24 hours, there’s virtually no excuse for not trying its feta fries — fresh cut French fries with feta cheese dressing. Tituss Burgess even mentioned them on “Live with Kelly and Ryan” one morning, along with fellow University of Georgia alum Ryan Seacrest. “It’s terribly delicious and it’s so bad for you,” Burgess said. “I will order just plates and plates of it.” 

3. Pouch Pies

Perhaps a lesser-known option for French fries, Pouch provides customers with three types of fries: classic fries, beer-battered fries and sweet potato fries. While the classic and beer-battered fries are similar, the latter are thicker and crispier. If you’re feeling up for it, try dipping your fries in malt vinegar.

4. Clocked!

Clocked!, a diner on West Washington Street, offers patrons French fries or sweet potato fries, both of which can be topped with cheese or chili and cheese. However, the best part about getting fries at Clocked! is the plethora of dipping sauces available, all of which are made in house. There are the typical flavors, like ranch, honey mustard and barbecue, but Clocked! also has specialty sauces like garlic Dijon, raspberry habanero ketchup and basil-jalapeño for customers to divulge in.

5. Gyro Wrap

This franchise is known for its gyros, cheesesteaks, wings and of course — loaded fries. Although customers can just order plain fries, the restaurant also specializes in fries topped with fixings like bacon, cheese and ranch. Gyro Wrap also offers feta fries, like The Grill, as well as jalapeño cheese fries. 

6. BurgerIM

One of the newer additions to the Athens food scene brings a slight twist to the traditional “French fry.” The new stop on East Broad Street brings its signature side of fries in a rounded-size package to create the perfect hybrid of fries and chips. The fries can be served with garlic aioli or drizzled with cheese. The restaurant also offers sweet potato fries for those who want to stray from the original option.

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These are all good selections, but as a huge fan of french fries for many years I think you missed the #1 fries in Athens - The Expat fries are amazing. Belgium has the best fries and the Expat uses the Belgian cooking style to create fries that are crisp on the outside and soft on the inside.

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