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It won’t be long until summer is over. With classes starting back on Aug. 14, July is all we have left. Although the summer can offer momentary relief from the regular school year, many people struggle through internships and summer classes. It is difficult to keep high spirits for work and internships while friends and family enjoy their stress-free vacations. For those taking two-month summer classes, the withdrawal deadline is June 29. There are constant temptations to give up on work or school, but here are five ways to make it through the last leg of the journey.

Remember why you started

There are a plethora of a reasons why you decided to keep busy this summer. Think back to why you started that internship or signed up for that class. Although quitting sounds like a much-needed relief, it’s important to persevere after all of the hard work you’ve already put in. This summer work is an endurance race, and you’re almost there. Don’t risk knocking yourself off your academic or career track when you’re already halfway through.

Keep to a schedule

By now, you have probably figured out what works and what doesn’t in your summer schedule. It may be time to re-evaluate and create a more precise plan. Break up your work as much as possible throughout the week and leave plenty of time to relax. Researcher Nathan Kleitman suggests to work in 90 minute bursts before taking a break away from the computer, and it’s always a good idea to occasionally clear your mind before coming back to work.

Make time for a normal summer

Summer (and summer work) will be over soon. Make the most of your environment as you would during a normal summer. Structure your schedule so that you could have extra time to sleep in until noon or stay out late with friends every now and then. Coffee dates or trips to the pool can alleviate some of the stress of your otherwise busy schedule.

Talk with friends

Stay in touch with your friends who may be in different states or countries. Strive to video chat or meet up in-person as much as possible. With online classes or work, staring at a screen in isolation from those you care about can be draining. Use one of your scheduled breaks to leave a quick message for a friend or make plans for a future weekend.

Look forward to the Fall

The finish line is so close. Soon, there will be new classes and work to worry about, but you’ll arrive in the fall with more experience and hopefully plenty of memories. You can feel guilt-free knowing that you powered through the work and stress of your summer and didn’t quit, even though you could have.

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