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Cara Beth Satalino, the lead singer for Outer Spaces, lived in Athens for seven years after graduating from school.

Cara Beth Satalino, lead singer-songwriter for the band Outer Spaces, is coming back to Athens on July 12 to perform at Flicker Theatre.

The New York native spent seven years in Athens after college to pursue music. Many of her friends went on to work in Brooklyn, but Satalino wanted to do something different.

Some of Satalino’s friends encouraged her to move to Athens. So, in the fall of 2006, she did.

Satalino enjoyed her time in Athens and didn’t think she would stay as long as she did. She performed often at Flicker Theatre.

“Flicker Theatre is one of my favorite bars in Athens,” Satalino said. “I used to hang out there all the time.”

Satalino has stopped in Athens on tours before since she left the Classic City to move back to her home state. She said the stops are always a bit overwhelming.

“There’s so much I want to do but not enough time,” she said.

Outer Spaces’ new LP, “Gazing Globe,” is the band’s first album since 2016. That, combined with its two new releases this year, has led to much more extended touring than what the band has done the past few years while they were writing and recording.

The tracks on “Gazing Globe” will sound similar to Outer Spaces’ older music, but with a lighter, airier twist.

“The instrument sound is similar … but the songs are more atmospheric, subdued, ephemeral,” Satalino said.

Satalino is excited to perform again in Flicker Theatre because of her history with the bar as well as its revamped sound system, which she thinks makes the spot a better music venue.

You can watch Outer Spaces perform on Friday at 10 p.m. Local rock band Deep State will be opening, and the bands Radiator Hospital and Dagmar Vork will also be performing.

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