frat beach survival guide

Here are some tips to know for Frat Beach this year.

Get lit — it’s Frat Beach Friday.

If you’re a freshman, this is probably your first Frat Beach ever. Prepare yourself. Sure, you’ve heard the rumors and probably a great story or two. However, there’s a big difference between hearing and seeing. If you’re a junior or senior, this is probably not your first Frat Beach, so you’ve got an idea of what to expect — but even the most experienced attendees can use a few survival tips.

A lot of first-time Frat Beach goers don’t think much of it. You go, you drink — not much to it. You got your hotel room or Airbnb months ago, so what else is there to plan? More than you’d think. Whether you’re a fourth-time Frat Beach star or a first-time Frat Beach freshman, these helpful tips and tricks could be the difference in an epic weekend and calling your mom on Friday complaining like a kid who had a bad getaway camp experience.



Yes, you’ve heard this a hundred times, but like a music festival or Georgia football game, hydration is key to survival. Whether it’s water or Powerade, put some hydrating liquid in your body before you start drinking alcohol for 12 hours. This will help you make it through the entire day on Friday and not have a hangover as you cheer for the Bulldogs on Saturday.

Bring containers with lids

Popular containers include Yeti cups, large Chick-fil-A or McDonald’s cups and non-see-through reusable water bottles. This one may also seem obvious, but you’d be amazed how many people get up Friday morning and realize they have nothing to hold their alcohol. Why does it need a lid? Well, that’s common sense. 

Bring cash

In case you haven’t heard, Frat Beach will have food trucks for the first time ever. In case these trucks don’t take card, you’ll want to have some cash on you to be sure nothing stops you from getting that midday taco. It’s also smart to have cash when you travel anyways just in case you lose your debit card or for some reason your card gets declined. 

Have your outfits planned

Whether you’re wearing galaxy tights or a sports jersey, make sure it’s all packed ahead of time. Pack the night before so you know you’re not leaving anything behind. If you’re wearing a costume, make sure you have all the pieces because nothing is more depressing than realizing you left a key part of your masterpiece five hours away in Athens. Also make sure you have all your accessories and make sure the lids to your glitter containers are tightly screwed, or you’ll be shaking glitter out of your clothes and bag for months. Also a little heads-up, it’s supposed to rain on Oct. 26, so make sure you either bring an umbrella or have an outfit that won’t be ruined by water.

Sunscreen, sunglasses, hats 

“I don’t really burn.” Yes, yes you do. Even if you don’t burn easily, anyone who stands out in the sun for 8 hours with no protection will face some consequences. You won’t realize you’re burned until that night around 10 p.m. and will have to deal with it all day Saturday. Not fun. Do yourself a favor and wear some kind of protection — sunscreen, hats, you name it. Plus, sunglasses and a funky hat are great accessories for any outfit.

Bring snacks 

Between gas, a hotel, alcohol, tickets and food, you’ve already invested a lot of money in this trip. Although the food trucks will be tempting, you can save a few bucks by bringing crackers or granola bars with you to the beach. Frat Beach is not near any food establishments, so if you want food, you’ll have to leave the beach. Also, eat something before you start drinking. Again, your future self will be thankful.

Don’t be stupid

It’s been four years since the St. Simons police announced they were “cracking down” on Frat Beach goers, and while the police will let some stuff slide, they’re still police. Police officers will be wandering around the beach all day (closed containers, remember), but they won’t come up to you if you’re acting normal. They are mainly patrolling to keep people in check and make sure no one passes out, but if you act a fool, they will do their job. Examples of things to avoid include but are not limited to: fighting, vomiting and peeing on the beach/a cop car (yes, it’s happened).

Clean up after yourself

This one is tricky because by 3 p.m. when you’re hot, tired and drunk, you probably won’t be thinking about the environment. Luckily, Frat Beach is equipped with recycling bins all over, and there are also community volunteers who walk around picking up trash. Help them and the planet out by walking 20 feet to the nearest trash can.

Shop local

If you have to spend more money, you might as well benefit the local economy. Unlike most of the residents of Glynn County, local business owners love when University of Georgia students stop by because we give them a lot of money. It’s particularly smart to buy your alcohol once you get to St. Simons because you don’t want to get pulled over on the way down with alcohol in your car that technically you’re not old enough to have.

Have fun

Between packing, food, arranging carpools and multiple other details, you have a lot to do before you leave for Frat Beach — but when you get there, it’s all worth it. People go to Frat Beach to let loose and have fun before Georgia faces Florida the next day. As long as you follow these steps, you should be looking at a solid and memorable weekend.

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