Anaïs Mitchell

Anaïs Mitchell, Patty Griffin and Sara Watkins perform at Hodgson Concert Hall on Feb. 16. 

Ordinary citizens aren’t the only ones prepping for the upcoming presidential election. Celebrated singer-songwriters Patty Griffin, Sara Watkins and Anaïs Mitchell are teaming up with the League of Women Voters on their national tour, “Use Your Voice,” to engage with the younger female generation.

“The tour was an idea Patty came to Anaïs and I with,” Watkins said. “She’s releasing her fantastic new album in the fall and she wanted [the tour] to be about another cause as well instead of just an album promotion.”

In an email interview, Mitchell expanded on the League and her enthusiasm to partner which such a powerful force.

“[The League] is an incredible non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting and supporting everyone’s right and ability to vote in this country,” Mitchell wrote. “It’s a wonderful partner for this because – imagine, it was formed in 1920 when women got the right to vote – generations of women struggled so hard to ensure that our voices would be heard. The least we can do is honor their struggle by participating in these local and national decisions that affect all our lives!”

Though Mitchell opened a tour for Griffin a few years ago, this tour will be the first time the three musicians share a stage together.

“I’ve been a fan of Patty and Anaïs both for a long time now and I’ve been looking forward to a chance to get to collaborate on stage and as well hearing them sing their songs every night,” Watkins said. “The best seat in the house besides the front of the audience is sitting right next to the person who’s singing.”

When asked what her favorite thing was about working with Griffin and Watkins, Mitchell wrote, “They are both gorgeous humans and artists. I can’t wait to dive into three-part female harmonies with them. And I also can’t wait to just eat Thai take-out with them backstage and stuff.”

The concert at Hodgson Concert Hall on Feb. 16 should be new and fresh for everyone, whether they are fans of just one of the artists or all three.

“I think Patty Griffin’s fans are going to really enjoy hearing her songs in a new way and also hearing her involved in our material,” Watkins said. “I think we can say the same thing for everyone. We’re going to be sharing the stage almost the whole night so it’ll be a special performance of these songs.”

While the tour will be nights of musical entertainment, the artists want to push the audience to fight for their citizen’s rights and use them to their full advantage.

“Beyond the music, I hope folks will be inspired by the League of Women Voters and what they stand for and have stood for all these years,” wrote Mitchell. “And that is empowering everyone to participate in our democracy.”

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