White Denim

White Denim, an indie rock band, will perform at 40 Watt Club on Sept. 28. 

From Austin to Athens, indie rock band White Denim is bringing their funky, rock sound to a downtown stage. With songs like "NY Money,” “Magazin” and “It Might Get Dark,” White Denim is equal parts rock and psychedelic. The band has performed at music festivals such as Bonnaroo, and opened for the band Tame Impala in 2013. In the past year, White Denim produced two back-to-back releases: fall 2018's “Performance” and spring 2019's “Side Effects”

As a stop on their fall headlining tour, White Denim will perform at 40 Watt Club on Sept. 28.

The Red & Black spoke with band member Steve Terebecki about the group’s upcoming show and how the group’s hometown of Austin influenced their sound

The Red & Black: First, can you talk about the formation of White Denim?

Steve Terebecki: We formed in 2005 in Austin at a club called Beerland. The members of two different bands merged. There was a different singer at the time, so we went through a bunch of lineup changes. In 2006, we settled in with a lineup that we stayed with for about eight years.

R&B: How would you describe your sound?

ST: We're all music nerds, so we have tried to evolve a lot over the past 14 years as a band. For the most part, we really love ’60s and ’70s production. We've kind of been getting into some ’80s production lately.

R&B: White Denim formed in Austin, Texas. Do you think Austin influenced your sound at all? Living in Athens, I see a Southern influence on a lot of musicians in this town. I was wondering if you felt the same about Austin?

ST: Yeah, for sure. For the first three or four years we were a band, this is the only place that we played. We didn't really have any records, so we play in Austin all the time. We played with all the bands that were coming up in Austin in the mid-2000s. I was always a really big fan of the Big Boys, a band from the late-70s seventies, early-80s. I think that band and a bunch of other bands sort of instilled our ethos and how we approached our music, for sure.

R&B: Can you talk about the differences between playing at a small venue like 40 Watt and playing larger venues? How does it impact your sound and overall performance?

ST: In general, we like playing at smaller venues. When we play, we play to the room. For a rock-and-roll band that plays a lot of notes, the sound doesn't get as lost in a smaller room.

R&B: What should audience members expect from your Athens show?

ST: I think this is the best live version of White Denim that we’ve ever had, so people who have seen us in the past can expect it to be better than that.

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