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On Thursday, Michael Stipe, frontman of R.E.M., criticized the leadership of University of Georgia and Athens’s response to COVID-19 in an opinion piece published by The Guardian.

On Thursday, The Guardian published an opinion piece criticizing the leadership of University of Georgia and Athens’s response to COVID-19 by none other than R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe.

In the beginning of his piece, Stipe said Athens is a place he calls home. It’s where R.E.M. started in 1980 and a place he returns to often. However, the town now “exemplifies the most dangerous aspects of public policy decision-making amid the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Stipe praises the city of Athens’ response to the pandemic despite slow response from state and federal leaders. However, Stipe continues, the University of Georgia’s reopening “has upended the sense of relative safety” Athens officials were able to create. Students have an impact on many groups on-campus such as professors and custodial staff, Stipe said, as well as off-campus.

Stipe called for more limitations in Georgia, such as outdoor only service at bars and football games without fans in the stadium. He said he understands the feeling of being in a crowd more than most, but people need to create safety now so gatherings in future years can be more meaningful when the pandemic is “behind us.”

Stipe said he is calling out UGA and Governor Brian Kemp specifically.

“The measures I have mentioned are easily within our reach, and this week is the time to implement and embrace them before further disaster.”

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These are good suggestions from Mr. Stipe, especially simply turning off a fan switch. The late Fred Klenner, M.D. (1907-1984) cured all viral diseases up to polio with high dose vitamin C given mainly by needle by 1949. No one should attempt this on their own and of course the criminals in Big Pharma have made it almost impossible to purchase safe ampules for injection as they and their cronies in the FDA have obstructed his work for decades.



Almost all higher animals manufacture and carry with them stores of Ascorbic Acid to be provided on demand by their bodies as needed; humans do not. Humans must provide it externally. Vitamin C can be purchased for pennies per gram. It is a simple act to obtain stores of one gram tablets of Vitamin C and take them for this Virus just like ancestors did in the earlier Virus about a century ago in 1918 although possibly in different forms as discussed by Dr. Klenner in the second article above. I urge Mr. Stipe to read the articles at the links above. Then I urge him to modify his recommendations above to including Vitamin C also. Since he has attained fame and wealth and age 60+ perhaps people will listen to him and follow this good advice to deal with this virus and the millions of others waiting in the wings too. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics citizen for 54 years. Obviously something is very wrong with our medical authorities as they deliberately obstruct providing us all this good and intelligent advice provided by the late Fred Klenner M.D. decades ago.

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