“Diablo III: Eternal Collection” is a game built to offer continuous satisfaction.

Diablo III: Eternal Collection” is a game built to provide a constant sense of satisfaction, and now that it’s available on the portable Nintendo Switch, this sense can be sustained longer than ever before.

Much like how “Super Mario Odyssey” hooks players with its positive reinforcement involving ever-present collectibles, “Diablo III: Eternal Collection” offers instant gratification with its loot-based gameplay.

Specifically, players gather armor, weapons and currency from the enemies they defeat.

With this loot, players can power themselves up to fight stronger opponents. When players take down these tougher foes, they can obtain even better loot.

Because the loot creates such an engaging cycle, their acquisition always feels meaningful.

Though the game’s loot plays a key role in absorbing players, “Diablo III: Eternal Collection” also generates engagement with its level-up system.

Leveling up involves more than just raising an arbitrary number, as the process also boosts characters’ attributes and provides them new battle abilities. Because players not only gain loot from defeating enemies but also  experience points needed to increase their level, combat is even more appealing.

Regarding the battle abilities, new ones aren’t inherently better than old ones. Rather, each new ability is meant to accommodate different play styles — it’s up to players to figure out which ones suit them best. With this element of choice, combat remains interesting.

“Diablo III: Eternal Collection” also makes the pursuit of experience points fulfilling by bestowing an award for reaching level 60. When players reach this level, they can access difficulty tiers even harder than Master, the most challenging one available for those level 59 and under.

Harder difficulty levels may not seem like a big deal to some, but the game cleverly ties them into its addicting loot cycle. By choosing higher difficulties, players can obtain more currency from slain enemies. Plus, when playing on the levels past Master, foes are more likely to yield “legendary” equipment.

Fortunately, “Diablo III: Eternal Collection” allows players to keep their progress upon selecting a new difficulty,  adding another rewarding element to its loot cycle. Being able to bear harder difficulties is a prize for the loot obtained in easier ones.

Some may wonder if the game grows dull by the time these difficulties become available, but the experience consists of more than just a campaign. In its Adventure Mode, players can fight enemies in randomly-generated dungeons. With settings that are fresh with each playthrough, the probability of boredom decreases.

To further the loot cycle’s allure, Adventure Mode features its own progression system. By completing its challenges, players gain access to harder ones. To help overcome the latter, players can use the loot they obtained from both the easier challenges and from the campaign.

Both loot and levels carry over between the campaign and Adventure Mode. Because players’ progress simultaneously contributes to both modes, the feeling of advancement that defines the game is even more pronounced.

Although this deluxe release of the third “Diablo” entry contains many intricacies, its promise each play session will be productive makes its complexity unintimidating. In its gripping nature, “Diablo III: Eternal Collection” will have an eternal place in many Nintendo Switch cartridge slots.

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