Elle King

Elle King performed "Americas Sweetheart" at the Georgia Theatre on April 16

Elle King made her stop in Athens, Georgia for her Shake the Spirit tour on April 16th at the Georgia Theatre. She brought Barns Courtney along with her as her opening act. Both bands electrified the +18 crowd with their lively sound and groovy dance moves.

Courtney performed some of his biggest hits such as “Glitter & Gold” and “Fire”. He did not shy away from his interpretive dance that went along with the high energy of his music. He also was interactive with the audience, getting them to jump to his one songs and sing along with him through repetition.

His music was upbeat keeping the audience on their toes and singing their loudest, the perfect opener to Elle King. The English singer jumped into the middle of the crowd at one point and sang with everyone in the mosh pit.

Like Barns Courtney, Elle King interacted with the audience. She often had one-way conversations with the crowd, talking about gossiping and loving yourself. She was also honest with her fans. At one point she switched around the songs on her setlist and pointed it out to her band and the crowd. She was also upfront about forgetting the lyrics to her own songs.

King mostly played upbeat hits with a few slower ones such as “Chained” featuring Cameron Neal, one of the members of Elle King’s band. For the most part, she sped up and added energy to some of her slower songs like “It Girl” and “Baby Outlaw”.

The audience the King attracted ranged from young twenties to parents with a sprinkle of underage students. Despite the age gap, the audience united and would talk to each other prior to the performance and would sing along to King and Courtney during their performances.

I enjoyed how honest and open she was to the audience. I often feel as though musicians put on this facade that they don’t mess up, but King didn’t try to hide the fact that she is not perfect. In her song “America’s Sweetheart,” she forgot her lyrics in the second verse but pointed it out when she remembered the worlds.

Both King and Courtney carried this energy and transferred it to the crowd. They felt the music and danced in their own way and style. They also both had this rebellious, confident vibe to them that was conveyed in the audience.

The one downside to the concert, like many concerts, was that King’s voice would sometimes become mumbled under the microphone and you could not understand some of the lyrics, but the music behind her kept the audience dancing.

Overall, Elle King and Barns Courtney put on a show-stopping performance that will be remembered in the Georgia Theatre and the Athens community.

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