Goth rock band Evanescence is set to release its fourth studio album ‘Synthesis’ on Nov. 10, and in anticipation of that, the band released the music video for the album’s first single, “Imperfection.”

Evanescence is known for hits such as, “My Immortal” and “Bring Me to Life” that most people have screamed along to while driving in their car. ‘Synthesis’ contains a reimagining of some of Evanescence’s most well-known and beloved songs, as well as a couple of new songs such as “Imperfection.” The album was recorded with a full orchestra and electronics along with lead singer Amy Lee’s virtuoso piano and voice, according to a press release.

The Red & Black watched Evanescence’s music video for “Imperfection” and here is some of our thoughts.

The music video is visually striking. The video is a total of 6:39 minutes, but the lyrics do not begin until the 2:25 minute mark. These first minutes are spent establishing the story of the video while a piano is played throughout.

The video opens with frontwoman Amy Lee sitting at a bus stop in the rain. The camera then switches to a young girl crying as she watches a body fully covered by a white sheet being moved from a home to an ambulance,. According to a press release, the young actress, Rogue Parker, plays the role of a young Amy Lee.

After this scene concludes, so does the piano solo, and the lyrics begin. From here the video is flashes of various colors, images and constellations that are visually stunning. The young girl seems to be aimlessly wandering around, and at various points we see frontwoman Amy Lee behind the girl as if she is a mirage.

The verses are vast paced which is unusual for an Evanescence song. Its music is known for its slower paced tempos and slow build to a memorable chorus. However, “Imperfection” takes a different approach.

The powerful chorus is first heard at the 3:09 minute mark, and it is here that the viewer really gets a feel for what the song is about: suicide. Lee belts out the lyrics, “Don’t you dare surrender/ Don’t you leave me here without you/ Cause I could never/ Replace your perfect imperfections.”

“It’s a plea to fight for your life, to stay,” Lee said in an interview with Anti Music. “We are all imperfect, and it’s precisely those imperfections that make us who we are.”

There is another memorable and striking moment later in the song, when we see Lee in a blood red gown as she walks across the screen with her head back and arms spread as she sings, “Don’t look now but the little girl’s got a grenade.” And then the chorus plays again.

The video seems to reach its climax at 5:30 when older Amy Lee grabs the hand of her younger self and pulls her into her arms and tightly embraces her as various colors flash in background. We could take this to symbolize that older Lee is assuring her younger self that everything is going to be okay in the end, keep fighting.

The “Imperfection” music video is absolutely beautiful and so are the lyrics. Both do a fantastic job of tackling the always difficult topic of suicide. The overall message of the song is fairly optimistic for Evanescence—keep fighting through the difficult time because good times will come.

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