The Band Camino 'tryhard'

The Band CAMINO, who will be performing at the Georgia Theatre this year on Oct. 16, released eight-track EP "tryhard" on Aug. 23. 

The four-piece group from Nashville, The Band CAMINO, will bring the smooth vocals and upbeat rhythm guitar of its newest album release to the Georgia Theatre in October.

The eight-track EP titled “tryhard” was released on Aug. 23 and doesn’t slow down with non-stop high tempos and power-driven drum backbeats, maintaining the tempo of each song. 

The group has found the perfect fusion between rock and modern pop while maintaining a slight homage to ’80s pop-rock with this album.

With the track “Hush Hush,” the backing harmonious vocals of the band and the funk backing of guitar maintain the heart of the song, while the lyrics tell a different story. “Just keep it to yourself 'til we get home, don't touch, they're looking your way,” vocalists Jeffrey Jordan pleads.

The track continues to tell the story of how no one can know about a relationship or else it would all fall apart. While no one has caught onto the relationship between the two people as the song details, the tension is undeniable, but the pair can’t be together until completely alone.

The lyrics beg a significant other to keep their relationship a secret and ask how they can navigate their relationship without being caught, “’cause my car in your drive is way too obvious.” Not showing a synonymous relationship is achieved with the power-driven melody and the desperate lyrics.  

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the pop-rock group’s track “Haunted” slows down only enough to connect the bridge to the melody.

With the harmonies of vocalists Jordan and Spencer Stewart and the guitar intertwined on the track, the song tells the tale of not being able to get someone out of your head even though there is a desperate need to move on. “You’re still here even though you’re gone, you disappear when the lights come on and you’re still the one that I dream about.” With hints of synth and lingering rhythm guitar notes, the song closes out in abrupt rock fashion with one final strum of the guitar in the conclusion that the singer can’t get rid of the ghost of his past love. 

One song that also catches the ear is the group’s track “Honest,” which maintains a subtle tribute to ’80s pop with its synth undertones and descending drum beats.

In between guitar solos, the group’s lyrics ask if there is a true connection with another person, or if it is just on the surface. “Do we really want this or are we lying to ourselves,” Stewart sings. The group is asking if just calling for the sake of being alone, would that be enough for the base of a relationship? 

The Band CAMINO has made its own formula for how it wants to fuse with the ever-changing music scene while maintaining its own sound.

Lyrically the group goes through each stage of a relationship with this EP, making it relatable to many of the band’s listeners. Besides being relatable to its listeners, the group also shows a side of the vulnerability of battling being alone or being in a relationship where one person is not sure if their heart is fully dedicated to the other. 

Correction: A previous version of this article stated that Jeffrey Jordan sang "Haunted" alone when both Jordan and vocalist Spencer Stewart both sang the track. Also, "Honest" was sung by Stewart not Jordan. The Red & Black regrets these errors, and it has since been changed.