Jonas Brother album cover

The band of brothers released their new album, "Happiness Begins" on June 7.

When the Jonas Brothers dropped “Sucker” in March and the track debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at number one, the Jonas Brothers’ official comeback was off to a great start.

“Sucker,” the lead single for the first Jonas Brothers album in a decade, is still top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 while their second single, “Cool,” is still top 50.

The lead singles were smart choices. “Sucker” quickly took over the coveted summer airwaves, spending several weeks at number one on U.S. pop radio and “Cool,” with its easy confidence and big personality, was the perfect follow-up to the success of “Sucker.”

Their singles choices were further validated when the official album, “Happiness Begins,” was released on June 7. It debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 with the highest selling debut week of 2019, marking the third consecutive number one album by the Jonas Brothers.

The two lead singles for “Happiness Begins” were good, but they didn’t give any clues as to whether the project was a true encompassment of three musical minds coming together in a passion project or a marketing scheme created by their record label, Republic Records.

The Jonas Brothers could have created a soulless, expertly-written album for a quick payday, but they chose authenticity — which, luckily for them, seems to have paid off just as much.

As soon as “Cool” and “Sucker” end and track three, “Only Human,” begins to play, it’s clear the album is far from a phony label production. One or more Jonas brother is credited with the writing of each song, and with Nick and Joe Jonas both having had success in their own personal music industry endeavors — Nick Jonas with his solo career and Joe Jonas as the lead singer of the band DNCE — finding bits of production that point to a certain brother’s influence is constant throughout the album.

Not only can raw emotions be heard in songs like “Comeback” and “Love Her,” but we see lyricism that captures the listener and makes song writing look easy. “Every Single Time,” a song about two people’s intense chemistry, and “Trust,” a song with a similar premise, erase any questions on whether or not this is a grown-up album with an undeniable sexiness to the lyrics and the production. These boys know how to match production to lyrics, and they know how to make a song feel the way it’s supposed to feel.

Nothing about this album feels forced. The songs flow effortlessly from one to another, the vocals remind you of why the brothers made it here in the first place: they can sing and the cohesiveness never leaves you feeling confused or lost.

Throughout the album, there are surprises around every corner. Whether it’s what seems like a sudden note from a slide whistle, a vocal you just can’t believe or a beat you haven’t heard before, no songs will leave you with an “I’ve heard this before” feeling. “Happiness Begins” is what happens when three individuals with decades of combined industry experience, who also happen to be brothers, come together and mesh flawlessly.

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