Zombieland Double Tap

‘Zombieland: Double Tap,' sequel to its predecessor released a decade ago, falls flat in comparison with original. 

A Twinkie-less sequel to the cult-classic, “Zombieland” falls a little short of high expectations. In the follow-up, we pick up ten years after the original film premiered, and are met again with Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg), Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), Wichita (Emma Stone) and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin) as the group continues to survive and fight through the zombie-infested world. 

The film's national release on Oct. 18, transports audiences back to the post-apocalyptic world of Zombieland, as our favorite zombie warriors band together to defeat a new kind of evolved zombie and finally find a home within their makeshift family. 

Trouble arises in their White House safe house as Little Rock leaves in search to find love. Despite relationship troubles, the rest of the “family” gets together in search to find her at Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee. Along the way the group meet a few other interesting survivors who help them, more or less, in taking down the dead. 

On her journey for love, Little Rock finds Berkeley (Avan Jogia), a pacifist, pot-smoking hippie who she travels with to Babylon, a no weapon zone “safeplace.” When shooting off fireworks accidentally draws in the zombies, a final battle takes place to save the scrappy family and the peacemakers, with no guns. 

The returning four main characters continued to have a good performance, but the new cast member Zoey Deutch was a standout. Her character Madison, a ditzy blonde who survived for years by hiding in a Pinkberry freezer gave the most laughs. 

“Do you know why she is still alive? Because zombies eat brains and she ain’t got any,”  Tallahassee said.

This movie brings back nostalgic feelings from the original film in 2009 and makes clever nods to pay tribute to its predecessor. However, it seemed a lot of the storyline was very similar to the first which made it predictable. Despite that and the decade difference, the movie did not suffer comedically and the plotline was somewhat entertaining throughout the entire movie. 

The sequel remained just as funny and continued to use the witty narrative cutaways and the use of text for displaying Columbus’s rules for surviving. These played a key part in the original and continued to be an important aspect of the storyline as well as the movie’s title. 

While comedy was spot on, there was a lack of plot which was very evident and did not involve much taking place. The movie seemed to solely rely on funny one-liners and jokes. The whole premise of the movie revolved around finding Little Rock and killing more zombies. 

Even though the movie was not as good as the original, the sequel was still worth a watch, but it is still difficult to decide whether to recommend or not. If the first movie was a favorite, this movie is worth seeing just for the attributes to it and the revisit of the Zombieland world created and its beloved characters. 

 In spite of the fact that there is zero mention of Twinkies, the movie does pays its respects to with a well-awaited cameo by Bill Murray and an extra scene explaining the beginning of the zombie take-over.


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