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Rouge Magazine will host a semi-formal event for the release of its fall/winter issue. 

Slide on your fanciest dress or classiest suit for Rouge Magazine’s fall/winter-issue release party. According to editor-in-chief Vanessa Vassileva, the party is a perfect excuse for fashion lovers to be bold and fearless. 

All are invited to join the University of Georgia’s fashion magazine’s semi-formal event which will also include networking opportunities, photo-op sessions and light refreshments. 

“Be your loudest self,” Vassileva said. “Whatever you feel like wearing that’s a little fancier, express your individual style. Everyone is [going to] be very extra.” 

While the new edition has a limited print of 183, each copy will have a number on it, and guests will receive one to take home. However, copies can also be found at some of the local boutiques featured in the magazine such as fab’rik and Cheeky Peach. The online version will be available to the general public on Dec. 3. 

Rouge Magazine, previously known as Little Red Book for the past 10 years, has been updated and re-branded. Included in the re-branding is a new website, blog and social media pages available to readers. 

“We are very much focused on being extremely bold in the trends that we display and how we display ourselves to the student body,” creative director Reilley Shamblin said. “We’ve been rolling out a lot of new initiatives to get ourselves out there.”

This issue’s theme, "Going Rogue" and "Seeing Red,” features looks breaking fashion boundaries and monochromatic styling of the color red. By sharing different trends such as mixing gold and silver or wearing sneakers with a dress, the magazine’s fashion trends break these standardized rules. 

“We want to inspire readers of the magazine to be very individualistic and less trend focused,” Vassileva said. “If you like it wear it.”  


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