Local yoga studio Rubber Soul will host a clothing swap on April 13. (Photo/Christopher Carson,

Yoga is often an activity regarded as good for the mind, body and spirit, but The Rubber Soul Collective is offering a chance to make it good for the closet too.

On April 13, The Rubber Soul Collective, a yoga studio located on Pulaski Street, will host a clothing swap from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. following the regularly scheduled 10 a.m. yoga class.

Rubber Soul has been under new management since January of this year and despite taking a few months off to renovate the studio, including adding new flooring, a fresh paint job and a plant wall, the studio now offers daily morning classes along with a smattering of evening classes throughout the week.

Nicole Bechill is one of the co-managers of Rubber Soul and helped to organize a clothing swap event.

“It’s definitely a fun way to trade and get a new wardrobe,” Bechill said. “Get rid of some things that you may be thinking of getting rid of anyways or you’re not sure where to donate or give them.”

The swap aligns with the arrival of warmer weather here in Athens, presenting a chance to take part in some spring cleaning and do a little bit of self-care. Bechill wants participants to enjoy the studio space and hope the event can help eliminate the seasonal tendency to overspend on a new wardrobe.

“There is a rebirth of an item of clothing when it's swapped,” Bechill said.

The swap is open to all and hopes to provide a mix of women’s, men’s and children’s clothing. Rubber Soul hopes to enact monthly outreach programs will create a greater interaction with the local community.

The swap is also a chance for students at Rubber Soul to interact with their fellow students and yoga teachers, who they otherwise might not strike up a conversation with.

Sydney McCall is one such teacher. McCall will be teaching the 10 a.m. class preceding the clothing swap. While participants of the swap don’t have to take the class and can arrive after, students of all levels are encouraged to try out McCall’s class which incorporates vinyasa flow, meditation and savasana.

All of the classes at Rubber Soul are run on a donation-based system. Although the studio requests a $10 donation for taking classes, it’s ultimately up to the students to decide.

“It’s whatever anybody is able to give,” McCall said. “It’s nice because as people are able to give more it kind of buffers it so someone who honestly is not able to give anything, they’re donating for that person.”

Although still trying to get settled under new management, Rubber Soul does have plans to integrate the money donated back into the community. While there are many ideas in place, Rubber Soul has concretely decided to donate yoga passes to Nuçi’s Space, allowing musicians to take free yoga classes for the 2019 year. While Rubber Soul will continue to support Nuçi’s Space, the collective does plan to change it’s chosen non-profit or organization each year.

The end goal for Rubber Soul and for the clothing swap is to foster a greater sense of community and bring people together for a moment of sharing.

“People come to yoga for different reasons, [but] they still kind of come together in that moment in class,” McCall said. “The clothing swap is just a great opportunity to meet new people … or come in and do an activity that is sustainable and good for the Earth.”

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