CORE aerial dance

The Saturday Morning Club is a campus-sponsored program which brings free and interactive music, theater and dance performances to local children, ages 4-12. 

The University of Georgia Performing Arts Center hosted the first event during the fall of 2013. The original goal of the program was to instill an early appreciation of music in Athens’ youngest generation. The program later expanded to include student performers of all kinds. Parents and grandparents are strongly encouraged to attend these events with their children.

George C. Foreman was the director of the Performing Arts Center at the time of the program’s start.

“These fun concerts will be a great activity for the whole family to share,” Foreman said. “And I encourage parents and grandparents to come with their children.”

UGA CORE Contemporary and Aerial Dance will perform at the next Saturday Morning Club event on Feb. 15, 2020 at 10 a.m.

Bala Sarasvati is the Jane Willson Professor in the Arts and the artistic director of CORE.

“This is probably our fifth consecutive [performance],” Sarasvati said. “We’ve been offering this each year.”

The company was selected by the UGA Performing Arts Center (PAC) to partake in the next weekend event.

“The people at PAC have enjoyed what we’re offering,” Sarasvati said. “We add film, we add aerial dance — the children and the families get to really see some of the full-stage production work that we do.”

The company will choreograph a special routine to perform specifically for the Saturday Morning Club, including an interactive portion that allows the youth to get involved.

“I think [the children] like it,” Sarasvati said. “We bring them onstage for a variety of different dances, including hip-hop and lyrical. We bring out our aerial yoga trapezes, put people in and swing them around so they get a little opportunity with aerial dance.”

CORE will also perform short excerpts of the pieces the members will showcase their full-length performance next semester.

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