Ashley King, owner of Classic City Confections, poses for a portrait at her home on Friday, Febraury 8, 2019, in Athens, Georgia. Classic City Confections is a cottage food business that specializes in cakes, cookies and other desserts. (Photo/Christina R. Matacotta, crmatacotta@gmail.com)

Ashley King, the owner of Classic City Confections, makes a cakes and custom desserts since its inception in 2010. This year, Classic City Confections offered its delectables to the first Athens Wedding Experience, a mock wedding at Georgian Hall.  

Whether King’s confections are for holidays, parties or fake weddings, her cottage business is entirely run without a storefront.

Because she doesn’t have a physical location for her business, Classic City Confections, allows King to make the desserts from the comfort of her home while following guidelines set by Clarke County.

“As my business has evolved over time, I found that I don’t want the overhead or the headache of owning a storefront,” King said. “So it really has just been a matter of word-of-mouth over years and years of building a clientele and working with other vendors in the Athens area.”

As King doesn’t have to maintain the hours of a storefront, she’s able to make her own schedule and take the time to meet with clients to discuss their ideas. King said she loves the flexibility and called her job “an artistic art form.”

Flour power

In addition to making wedding cakes, King also makes cakes for various events and with them, other types of desserts. For example, King said she received a handful of cookie orders for Valentine’s Day, and making cookies challenged King to learn new skills and practice something new.

“The cake stuff I have done so long and so consistently, I have a timeline with it,” King said. “The cookie stuff is sort of out of my realm which is exciting too.”

King said while she likes branching out and making other desserts, wedding cakes make up about 75 percent of her business.

Taking the cake

Classic City Confections was featured earlier this year in February, with its own booth at the Athens Wedding Experience. The event explored an atypical way of connecting potential clients with wedding vendors through a mock wedding. After the ceremony, the guests could interact with florists, wedding coordinators or taste some cake at King’s table.

David Osborne, who owns Sound Insight Productions, a business which provides musical entertainment for events. With a team of others in the wedding community, he organized the Athens Wedding Experience to bring people together in a casual, fun environment.

“So most of it was built on vendors that have a strong reputation for high-quality services and products,” Osborne said. “We reached out to vendors that we've worked with.”

King relied on her relationship with others in the wedding vendor community to make Classic City Confections a success.

“Most of my business is within the wedding industry,” King said. “The Athens wedding experience was organized by a friend of mine, David Osborne. He’s a DJ and local entrepreneur, and he thought it would be a cool experience to host a fake wedding."

The Athens Wedding Experience displayed how King and the other wedding vendors are all necessary parts of a team when it comes to planning a wedding. Athens is an “incredibly rich town of vendors,” Osborne said.

“You don't have to travel to Atlanta or a major metropolitan area to find five-star vendors,” Osborne said. “They are right here in town and there’s a lot of them.”

King focused on the idea of community over competition. Although there are different vendors working in the same areas, she does not believe in allowing that to cause a rift.

“There’s enough work for everybody, so you've just gotta do what you enjoy,” King said. “Just because someone else has a business doing the same thing as me doesn't diminish the fact that I can still enjoy what I do.”

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